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I didn't run... and the world didn't end

I got sick last week- really sick. I was in Las Vegas for work and I dragged myself through the week. Up at 5 am, I'd be running down the strip, or up in the rooftop gym, with a throat so swollen and sore I could barely take a tiny sip of water. I was so congested that my head was pounding, I was sweating with a fever, I was coughing, and still I worked out every day. That's what I do. Unil Saturday. I was in Maine for the early bird sale. I dragged myself out of bed at 5:30, shopped with my family and friends until 11 and then I came home and laid down on the couch. I didn't get up again that day. I knew my family would dissapprove of me running Sunday so I planned to go while they were at church. Instead after sitting at the table with them for a few minutes, I had to go back to the couch where I stayed again for the whole day. I could manage to stay awake for maybe an hour or two at a time before I needed to sleep again. And yet, I still felt guilty about not running.

Battle of the Biggies

I won a race today! I've never gotten to write that before, and it feels pretty good. I did the Battle of the Biggies Duathalon in Cambridge. I went in, not expecting much since I've been sick all week. I didn't treat it like a race morning- I slept in, had cereal and a banana, then headed into the city. I got lost, but didn't freak out. It was a small race- only about 80 people. The first run was 2.6 miles, a loop up to the first bridge around a back. At first we tried to avoid the puddles, but since it poured all day yesterday that was impossible. I placed myself at the back, but just kept picking people off. I looked at down at my Garmin- 8:05 and I didn't even feel it.

Then, I hopped on my bike. I'm a bike wimp. I like smooth roads with no traffic. This was not that kind of course. AT ALL. It was 3 loops of rocky, muddy, paths, giant puddles, pedestrian clogged bridges, and sharp corners. There was one puddle where the water was almost over my wheels. All yo…


I suppose that since last week was Sesame Street's anniversary, it's appropriate that I spent the weekend feeling like Oscar the grouch. Sunday I had planned to go to a book tour event for Cake Wrecks (one of my favorite blogs ( They were giving out wristbands (so said the website) starting at 10. Since I like to get my workout out of the way before I settle down to have fun for the day I decided to get up early and run with the Framingham Running Club. They have a group run every Sunday at 8:30, and I can't usually motivate myself to be there so early on a weekend, despite the fact that I'm starved for running partners and good trail runs (they provide both).

Despite the fact that it was an amazing beautiful day (sunny, warm, Indian summer), I was not happy. I felt like people were crowding me (I even snapped at one guy), and then 5 minutes later felt like people were ignoring me. I was annoyed when the leader decided to take us on an e…

Two Different Earrings

It's one of those weeks where I just don't feel like I have it together. Nothing major has gone wrong, but there have been quite a few instances where I realized that what I thought was happening, wasn't. Like my run this morning. I was on the trail thinking I was cruising along nicely, until I looked at my garmin. 13:10 pace. No wonder it felt so easy. Then, I was conducting an interview with a potential hiree and reached up to feel my earring. It didn't feel like the earrings I thought I was wearing. I touched the other ear. A different earring. It's just one of those weeks.....