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In case you somehow missed the news, we had a quite a blizzard here in the Northeast this week. We got about about 23 inches here in the Portland area. That's a lot of snow. But apparently Mother Nature didn't think that was enough, because today we are getting another 6-10 inches and another big storm is in the forecast for Monday.

Now I could be annoyed the havoc all this snow is wreaking on my marathon training and the fact that my 10 mile race on Sunday is most likely going to be cancelled. But instead, I am choosing to look on the bright side. Snowy days mean cozy, quality time with the hubby and that I can finally enjoy my favorite winter sports!

During the blizzard we ventured out a couple times with Sushi (Dixie our older dog chose to stay inside on the couch). Watching the dog absolutely lose her mind with joy in all the snow was my favorite part of the storm. We also cooked up a feast, finally roasting the turkey we've had in our freezer since Christmas.


The Results are In

We got our puppy, Sushi, in June from a local rescue organization called Helping Paws and were told that she was a Basset Hound/Terrier mix. It was only a guess though because she had been found, abandoned, on the side of the road in Missouri and they had no information on her parents. As she's grown, we've continued to wonder what exactly she is. She really looks like no dog I've ever seen before.

 4 month old Sushi and the year-old Birthday girl!

So for Christmas my Mother-in-law got us a doggy DNA kit. We were so excited! We would finally have answer when people ask "What kind of dog is that?"

We swabbed her cheeks, sent away the kit, and took bets. I was guessing basset hound or corgi based on her long, low to the ground body shape and love of sniffing, terrier based on her scruffy face, and yellow lab based on her coloring and sweet personality.

Well it turns out we were all wrong!

Our dog is apparently a Shar Pei, Rottweiler, Golden Retriever, Small Munster…

Marathon Training Nutrition Experiment

I've used all kinds of different nutrition products over the years. When I first started running I used nothing- no water, no fuel. It worked for a half marathon, but as I found myself bonking during training for my first full marathon, I realized that I needed to eat.

I started with the Jelly Belly Sport Beans but soon realized it was way too much work to eat all those individual beans. Plus they tasted way too sweet by the second or third package on a run.

I stuck with GU gels for my next couple marathons and liked the flavors and the convenience, but started to burn out on the texture. Plus I had to take all of it at once, so I felt like I got a big burst of energy and then crashed quickly. I tried taking half and putting the rest back in my pack, but I always ended up with a sticky mess!

Next up was Hammer Perpetuem which I tried to see if a product with protein would help keep my energy levels higher. That did not last long because I found it too chalky and it hurt my stomach…

You Are Amazing

I am actually making good on my promises to myself to recover better in an attempt to stay injury free. So I took a day off from running and the gym and instead went to a gentle yoga class.

As is often the case at yoga, I got as much out of it mentally as I did physically. As we were relaxing into shavasana our teacher told us to remember to honor ourselves. "You are so much more amazing than you give yourself credit for," she said.

When it comes to running I tend to feel like I never do enough, like I am not enough. I compare myself to the people who run 100 miles a week or run a 3 hour marathon.

But when I think about it, actually I am pretty amazing. I mean I ran 18 miles Thursday. 18 miles! When I was fist running I was constantly astounded when I ran new distances. OMG I ran for a whole hour. Then I ran a half marathon. I wore my race shirt around college like I had won a gold medal. When I finished my first marathon I couldn't stop smiling for a week.

Somewhere alo…

Injury Scare

Sunday morning I went to a metabolic circuit class. On my second round through the stations, I went to do a Bosu ball burpee and as I kicked my feet back into the plank, I heard a crunch and felt a sharp pain in my back. Oh no! I had a lower back stress fracture back in my gymnastics days, but since then my back has never given me any problems.

Sunday and Monday it only hurt when I moved in certain ways. Tuesday I decided to go out for my scheduled 8 miles. It was mostly fine, but one or twice every mile I would take a step and get this stabbing pain and then my legs would almost buckle. Over the course of the day it got more and more sore, until it was just aching constantly. It hurt a lot.

Wednesday morning I went to the chiropractor. She is a miracle worker. As soon as I got off the table I could feel an immediate difference. I could move with out pain! No more aching! She told me she didn't think it would jeopardize my marathon, but that I need to come in at least twice a week…

Split Long Runs

As I mentioned at the start of my marathon training, I am following a (self) modified Doug Kurtis intermediate plan that includes several split long runs. So instead of going out and running 14 miles at once, you'd do 2 runs on 7 miles in the same day.

I've been wanting to write a post on my opinions of the split long runs for awhile, but I haven't been able to come to a conclusion on whether or not I like them. I gave up on trying to make a judgement and instead will just share my thoughts.

Each run is mentally easier, but the day as a whole is harder. It is less daunting heading out for 8 miles than for 16, but at the same time you don't get that "I'm done!!" feeling when you finish your first run. One of the things I love about being a morning runner is that feeling of accomplishment so early in the day. On double days I feel like I have the second run hanging over me all day.It takes a lot more time out of your day to run twice for an hour than once fo…

Breaking Point

This morning I came home from my run, flopped down at my husband's feet and immediately burst into tears.

I am officially at that point of marathon training where I am SO tired and so over it, but I still have a lot of training in front of me.

This whole week was just not fun running. It was freezing cold, windy, icy and snowy. I am tired of being freezing. I literally froze my a$$ on Tuesday. Yep froze the skin and then had a very itchy butt the rest of the day once it defrosted. #awkward
I am tired of having terrible footing and fighting traffic for only clear spots on the run. This morning a car of teenagers thought it would be funny to drive directly at me until I had to jump in a snowbank to avoid being hit. I am tired of dragging myself out of bed when it is still dark out and all I want to do is roll over and go back to sleep. I am tired of having such heavy legs that I can barely make it up the stairs. I am so tired of constantly having a sore throat and stuffy nose.


New Zealand Training Update Weeks 9-11

Time has gotten away from me and I am a week behind. But better late than never right?


Originally I had planned to do 3 weeks build and 1 cut-back week. But, I could feel myself burning out physically and mentally so I changed it to 2 weeks build and 1 week cut-back week.What a difference a week makes. I did my 14 miler on the trail 2 weeks ago. There was no snow and it felt great! This week the roads were so snowy and icy. I was battling traffic and terrible footing. It felt like 30 miles.After a mild December, winter has arrived with a vengeance. In addition to the snow/ice, this week I also battled extreme cold. I wimped out and went to the treadmill one day and the indoor track another, but hate them both so headed outside on the third day. I think I officially set a record for most layers worn on a run ever.I also hit the point of wondering why on earth I continue to put myself through this. I had a long stressful week, wasn't feeling good, and the…