A New Year's Run and Last Year's Mileage

Happy New Year! I had a very tame NYE. I went to see Unbroken (really good, but not as good as the book) at 4 pm and then came home, made sweet potato gnocchi, and hung out with my sister-in-law, watching Pitch Perfect and drinking Sangria. I was asleep by 10:30.

I made in an early night on purpose because I knew I had a 14 miler to run this morning. After so much rain in December, all the snow is gone so I was able to run on the Eastern Trail. Running off road is so much more peaceful.

I knew it would be a cold one (18 degrees and windy), so I bundled up. I was really cold when I started and when running through the open marsh section, where there is no protection from the wind, but overall I was fairly comfortable.

I was really excited to finally get to try the Nuun I got for Christmas while running. After my first experience, I am a fan. I didn't get any of the stomach issues I've had with sports drinks, and I felt like my overall hydration levels were better. My fingers didn't puff as much as they usually do and I didn't have salt crusted on my face. 

Every time I am marathon training I wonder how I will ever run a full marathon. At my turn-around point of 7 miles my hip flexors were starting to get sore, my right calf was really tight, and I was already mentally tired of being out there. I wondered how on earth I will run 26.2 miles in just a couple months? Luckily, once I turned around and headed back I got my second wind and ended up running the second half 30 seconds a mile faster than the first. 14 miles done!

As I was logging my run back at home, I realized that I had forgotten to check my total mileage for 2014. The grand total was 1150 miles! That is 40 miles more than last year. I'll take it!

How was your NYE? What are you doing with your first day of 2015?


  1. Great job with your mileage!!!! So happy you like Nuun! I have been a Nuun lover for some time. I never thought about the puffy fingers connection. I think you are on to something. Lovely view on your run today!!! Happy New Year!


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