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Buzz Buzz

Happy National Coffee Day! I love my daily cup of joe.

I didn't start drinking coffee daily until my junior year of college when I lived in Italy (funny story: first week I was there I didn't know the pot of coffee on the table was espresso. I was drinking a huge cup of it every morning and couldn't figure out why I was so jittery). 
During the week, I am out of bed and running within 10 minutes so I save my coffee for after my run. But if I am going to the gym, I usually gulp down some coffee on the way there.
I always have coffee before races and long runs. When I travel to races I even bring my own coffee and mini French press.
I couldn't have coffee before the Antarctica marathon because the desalination system wasn't working correctly. I just couldn't choke down coffee made with salt water!
I drink my hot coffee black, but my iced coffee with skim milk and sugar.
My favorite coffee flavored are Yankee Doodle (cinnamon and hazelnut) and Jamacian Me Crazy (h…
When I was cleaning out my magazine bin, I found the July issue of Runner's World. It had gotten lost in the pile and I'd never read it. Since it was so old, I decided just to sit down and read it at home. Normally, I save my fitness related magazines for the gym where I read them on the elliptical or stair climber. It helps the time to pass more quickly and all the fitness content keeps me motivated.  Plus, if I get inspired to try a new workout I see in the magazine, I am already at the gym!


I do the same bike ride nearly every Wednesday morning and over the past month it has been neat to watch the transition from summer to fall. I watched the beaches empty, the beach cottages close up , the number of out of state license plates dwindle, the little markets and ice cream stands close, the school buses return to the road. I felt the temperature slowly drop and the wind increase. This morning I saw the first of the fall foliage.

I love fall in Maine. The air is crisp but the sun is still warm and the colors just seem incredibly vivid. Monday I took Sushi to walk at Fort Williams and I just couldn't get over how beautiful it was, even though I've been there a hundred times. The water was a such a deep, dark blue and you could see for miles and miles. The surf was wild.

Yesterday we hiked up Bradbury Mountain. I just couldn't stop breathing in that clean, cool fall air. Sushi was a fan of the falling leaves and acorns.

Plus, fall means it is time to break out all m…

My Favorite Yoga Places in Portland, Maine

For me getting to a yoga class once or twice a week is critical to my physical and mental well-being. Yoga makes a huge difference in how quickly I recover from running and how I feel out on the roads. I've tried nearly every yoga studio in the greater Portland area, but these two are my favorites.

Breathing Room

This cozy, little spot is hands down my favorite. They offer a variety of vinyasa classes, from gentle flow to vigorous vinyasa, as well as restorative and yang/yin. The studio consists of a welcome area, one yoga studio, and a bathroom. The studio has a beautiful antique tiled ceiling and funky henna mural on the walls. I love looking at both when I am upside down. The only parking is on-street, but because it is SoPo there is plenty to go around. Every single one of their teachers is so welcoming that after just a class or two I felt like I was part of the BR family. I've found that nearly all of their classes have the perfect mix of challenge and ease that I look fo…

My Favorite Places for a Post Run Brunch in Portland

Earlier this week, I told you about my favorite places to run in Maine. Today is all about what happens after the run- brunch! For me there is no better way to start a weekend day than with a long run followed by brunch.

For when you just want a bagel............. Scratch Bakery
This adorable, little bakery in South Portland has the best bagels I have ever had. They are crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. I am not the only one who loves these bagels, they sell out so quickly on weekends! I love a sea salt bagel (gotta have that salt after a run), herb cream cheese, and a latte after a run. 
For when you want a big diner breakfast..............................Becky's Diner

Becky's is a Portland institution and for good reason. They serve up heaping platters of breakfast classics for cheap with a side of sassy waitresses. Their blueberry pancakes are the best I've ever had. They enormous and have tons of Maine blueberries and real Maine maple syrup. I tend to avoid …

My Favorite Places to Run in Maine

It is no secret that I am a Maniac. I absolutely love my home state and so I thought I'd do a few posts to highlight some of my favorite things in the state. 
Today is all about my favorite places to run
1. The carriage roads in Acadia There are 45 miles of beautiful, wide carriage roads that run through Acadia National Park. These roads have everything you could want in a run: the even, dirt surface is easy on the legs, the hills provide a good challenge, and the scenery is spectacular. My only complaint is that they aren't close enough to my house!

2.Back Cove Trail, Portland.  This 3.5 mile crushed gravel trail around Back Cove is one of the first places I ever ran. It is mostly flat, is marked every 1/4 mile, and has bathrooms and water fountains. There is pretty much always a nice breeze and there great views of the water and of Portland. Plus, there are always lots of other runners and bikers if you are nervous about running alone.

3. Eastern Trail (Starting at Scarborough…

Island Girl

Until Friday at noon my plan for the weekend was to spend Friday night out in Portland then head to Boston on Saturday. But, when I found out that my Mother-in-law, had fallen and hurt her foot, I ditched all my city plans and decided to head up to Islesboro for the weekend.

Really, I didn't mind this change of plans. While I have come to appreciate cities, I am really an island girl at heart.

I love the quiet and the darkness. You don't realize how much ambient noise and light is in your life until it goes away. I love standing in perfect silence looking at the incredibly bright sky.

I love being surrounded by water on all sides. I never get tired of the ocean.

I love the sense of community. You wave at every single person you pass on the road and they wave back. Every person in the Island Market says hello.

I love the slower pace of life.

Naturally, there are some things I don't love. Namely, lugging sh**t. You have to carry out every single thing you need to wear, to ea…

Going to the Dogs?

There is a park with a great 2 mile trail loop around a lake less than 5 minutes from my house. Every so often I wonder why I don't run there more often. I mean, it's a pretty trail and it is so close! So I'll go do a loop and then I remember why I don't go there- the dogs!

It is a popular dog park so there are dogs everywhere.

I have 2 adorable dogs, so I like dogs. Look at this cutie, who could not love her?

What I don't like is rude dog owners. I can't believe how many people bothdon't pick up after their dogs and don't control their dogs. 
Last week I tried going for a run in the park and taking the puppy, Sushi, for a walk there. Both times, big, not so friendly looking, dogs ran right at me. Their owners did nothing to call them back. Even when I asked one woman to please call off her dog because my dog was scared, she just said "oh he is friendly," and kept letting the dog run. Plus, I almost stepped in dog poop that was right in the mi…


I was looking back at my Garmin data from the past couple months and notice a distinct trend. In July and August 27 of my 40 runs were 6 miles in distance.

6 miles has become "my run."

It takes me just under an hour, so I consider that enough to be my only workout of the day. It is long enough to feel like a decent distance, short enough that I can maintain a decent pace, and just the right amount of time to be out if it is really hot or cold. Plus, since I am an early morning runner I can complete it without eating or drinking anything first.

I do try to get in one longer run a week, but I'm not great about that unless I am training for a longer race. I also try to do one shorter workout that is faster, but the only way I can run less than 6 miles is if I am also doing another workout. So usually by the time I get to my speedwork, my legs are already fried from whatever I did first.

I know I should vary my workouts more, but I just love my 6 milers!

Do you have "no…

If you could be anything, what you you be?

As we were discussing the idea of me possibly going back to school and changing careers, Rory asked me "If you could do anything, what would you do?"

The question stopped me in my tracks and it shocked me to find that I didn't really have an answer. 

I've been asking my friends the same question and most of them don't have an answer either. 
We are at an interesting point in our lives where we have invested 10 or so years in our current careers. We have developed experience, seniority, and financial stability. It is hard to walk away from that despite feeling unsatisfied with our jobs, On the other hand, we still have many years left to work and it is hard to face spending the rest of our lives in jobs we don't enjoy. Plus, given the current economy many of us feel lucky to even have a job and like we can't walk away from that. 
When I was 7, I had no problem answering the question. First I was going to be an Olypmic gymnast and then an ice cream tester f…


Not too much has been happening here on this old blog since the wedding, because not too much has been happening in my life running and otherwise.

I am stuck in an in-between zone.

We decided to wait and go on our honeymoon this spring so the question of whether I can be ready (or want to be ready) for a fall marathon is now a moot point. I am enjoying having no training plan. I've been doing a lot of my favorite runs (easyish 6 milers), but also tossing in some hills, longer runs, and speed-work when I feel like it. Sunday morning I had a fun track session running through the sprinklers. I did 2 x 800, 2 x 400, and 4 x 200. There is something about just being able to make up the work-out as you go that makes it so much more fun.

I am not, however, enjoying the lack of a plan when it comes to the rest of my life. The healthcare information technology consulting market has a hit a slow down, forcing me to consider what I really want do with my life. I knew I'd be confronting th…