When I was cleaning out my magazine bin, I found the July issue of Runner's World. It had gotten lost in the pile and I'd never read it. Since it was so old, I decided just to sit down and read it at home. Normally, I save my fitness related magazines for the gym where I read them on the elliptical or stair climber. It helps the time to pass more quickly and all the fitness content keeps me motivated.  Plus, if I get inspired to try a new workout I see in the magazine, I am already at the gym!

But I noticed that when I read Runner's World at home on the couch that I retained more. I even found myself thinking about information I'd read later that day. That practically never happens when I read at the gym.

This surprised me because I thought it would be the opposite. For example, I've found that I do better at Jeopardy when I watch it while I elliptical. Something about the physical motion gets my brain working faster. Apparently though, when it comes to reading, it is better to have no distractions.

I probably won't stop reading at the gym, because really that is the only time I have to read magazines. Plus, it isn't exactly like this is earth shattering information that I need to commit fully to memory. I guess I know now not to try and study anything important at the gym?

Do you read while you are at the gym? What helps you to best retain information?