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That Time I Didn't Sign-up for a Race

My morning class was cancelled today, but I woke up early out of habit anyway. "Perfect," I thought when I saw the clock, "I can sign-up for the Mid Winter Classic."

The Mid Winter Classic is a 10 mile race in February that I've done a few times. It's really well organized and it provides good motivation to keep running through the winter. 
I went to the registration and started filling it out. I got to the bottom, but when I went to hit submit, I stopped for a minute. I realized that I really didn't want to sign-up for this race. 

After marathon training for the past 8 winters, I realized that I don't want to sign-up for a race in Maine in February. I've forced myself through so many miserable long runs and races, I just need a break this year. Not just that, but I don't really want to sign up for any race now. Not even a race in Florida. I'm just not ready to jump into a cycle of formal training. School is my priority now. Plus, I'…

Bring Back The Cotton

As I searched through my closet last night for a shirt to sleep in, I came to a terrible realization. I am almost out of old cotton race shirts!

When I first started running pretty much every race gave out cotton shirts. They were soft and perfect for bumming around the house and sleeping. I wore them until they were so stained and holey that I had to turn them into rags.

However they weren't so great for running, so pretty much everyone started switching over to technical fabrics. Yeah they look nicer and are better for running, but they just don't have the same comfort factor. Cotton gets softer and better with age. Technical fabric just gets stinkier.

Also, the sizes are so much less forgiving. I don't mind sleeping in a shirt that is way too big, but I don't want to run in a shirt that goes to my knees.

Can we start an old school movement to go back to cotton? We don't however need to go back to short shorts and sweat bands.

Are you team cotton or team technical…


Hi Friends!

I can't believe it's been a month since I posted. I am so immersed in nursing school that I kind of forget the rest of the world exists! All of my brainpower is directed at school, so I can't think of any clever ideas for a cohesive post, so here are just things happening with me lately.

I love fall! It has just been the best running weather lately and Sushi and I have been enjoying long walks on the beach on the weekends. The tourists are gone, but the sun is still warm, and the ground isn't slippery. Best time of the year.

Sushi (the dog) was sushi (the food) for Halloween

I'm finally getting to "real" nursing stuff and it is so exciting! Over the summer, we just had labs where we practiced on dummies or each other. This fall though, I am in real hospitals and I am get getting to insert catheters, give shots, give meds, and do all kinds of other stuff on real people.

I don't have any races on my calendar, but I've been doing weekly s…