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A weekend in Minneappolis

I work for a consulting company, so the employees are scattered all over the US. Once a year, they select a spot for us all to meet. We went to New Orleans 2 years ago and San Diego last year. I won't lie, when they announced that this year's meeting was in Minneappolis, I was a little disappointed. But, it ended up being a great city!

We stayed at the Marquette Hotel, right downtown. It was super nice. Our room had a great view of the city

I especially loved the shower. It was huge and had 2 different types of shower heads!

Most of the company functions were held in the Windows Over Minneapolis tower. It was up on the 50th floor of a skyscraper and had an amazing view.

Friday night we had a reception at the Mill City Museum. This was one of my favorite things we did. Minneapolis was historically a flour mill city. This museum is built into the ruins of the Gold Medal Flour Factory. They set up a bar outside in the bottom courtyard. 

I really liked how they integrated the old mill …


I am off to Minneapolis tomorrow for my company meeting. I am more excited since I just got this e-mail!

 I have been swamped with life lately and as a result have done NO research about the city. Help me! Who knows anything about Minneapolis? Where should I run? Where should I eat? What should I see?

Long Sleeves

It's fitting that since it is now officially fall, I ran for the first time this fall in a long sleeve shirt. It was 43 when I headed out on my run, but it was bright and sunny, with only a light wind. Typically, until it falls below 40 I stay in shorts and a T. I hate being hot! 

But, we went to the Cumberland Fair last night it was freezing. Even in a sweatshirt I was shivering as we whipped through the air on the rides. I wanted everything hot. I got a glorious hot bowl of soup in a bread bowl followed by a fresh, hot, apple fritter (clearly it was not a calorie counting type of night). A fair plus the cold totally put me in a fall mood, so it just seemed right to wear long sleeves. 
Have you made the switch to long sleeves or long pants yet? What are the conditions that cause you to add or remove clothing for your run?
I keep my shorts as long as possible, usually until it gets down into the 30's. My legs rarely feel cold. But, like I said above, what I wear on my upper half i…

Share My Ride

With my injured foot, I have been spending a lot of time on my bike lately. I don't listen to music when I ride, so I have had a lot of time to think. The thought that I live in an incredibly beautiful place occurs to me all the time. As does the fact that I wish I could share it with more people. While, you can't all come in Maine and ride with me (although if you want to, I'd love it). I can post a virtual version of my ride. So here it is, my favorite ride.

This ride is anywhere from 25-30 miles, with rolling hills and lots of amazing ocean views.
Miles 4.5-7. I love this section because it in a gentle downhill with lovely marsh views. It is amazing how different the marsh looks in different tides and different seasons. Seeing a heron or 2 makes for an extra good day.

Miles 7-11. This little out and back to Black Point is my favorite part of the ride. It is flat, has hardly any traffic, and amazing views.

Miles 13-14
I always do the extra little loop out by Higgins Beach. Th…

Best Ever Fall Salad

I love summer, obviously, all the fresh produce, particularly basil and tomato. But, I think I may love the heartier vegetables of fall even more. These veggies can stand up to roasting, which makes them even sweeter. I was inspired by this recipe in Self to toss a bunch of my favorite fall produce together into one salad, and holy moly, it is good! I have eaten it for one dinner and three lunches already this week and still want more!

Best Ever Fall SaladFor the Roasted Veggies: 1lbbrussels sprouts, halved lengthwise 2 apples1 sweet onion, cut into 1-inch chunks1 butternut squash, peeled and diced4 carrots, peeled and dicedOlive OilSea Salt
Heat oven to 400°. Spread the veggies out in a single layer a baking sheet and then mist lightly with olive oil and sprinkle with sea salt. Roast on baking sheet, turning once, until veggies are brown and tender, 25 to 30 minutes.
For the Dressing:1/4cuptahini2tablespoonsrice wine vinegar1tablespoonpure maple syrup2teaspoonswhite miso (I couldn't f…

A weighty post

The BF has decided he wants to lose a few pounds (even though I have repeatedly told him that he does not need to) and is using an app to track all his calories. All of sudden he went from "I'll eat whatever, whenever," to actually caring what we eat and when we eat it. When he has reached his calories for the day, he just doesn't eat again until the next day.

This has been surprisingly hard for me.

On the one hand, I want to be supportive of him in whatever he does. I want him to be able to talk to me about the things that are on his mind. On the other hand, I had to work hard to get to a point in my life where I didn't count calories and could just eat without over thinking it.

Not only am I struggling with how much I want him to make his calorie counting obvious to me, I am also debating whether or not to join him.

I start marathon training soon and I know how much easier it is when I am lighter. Plus, I would just feel so much more comfortable in my clothes if I …

Reach the Beach Remorse

For the first time in 5 years I decided not the do the Reach the Beach Relay this year. It is a big time and monetary commitment, and I decided that I just had too much else going on this fall.

I was totally okay with it until this week. And then my Facebook feed started to fill up with posts about RTB. I want to be wasting WAY too much time and effort packing my stuff. I want to be driving to NH and having a pasta dinner and seeing my teammates that I haven't seen in a year. I want to be decorating my van. I want to be sleep deprived, hyped up on espresso beans, making up silly cheers and stiff and sore.

I have major race envy :(

The Good and the Bad of Working at Home

My blogger pal Kim over at ilaxStudio wrote a post yesterday about how she likes working at home because she has so much more time in her day. This is got me thinking about how excited I was to stop travelling all the time and work from home. I had big illusions about how much easier it would be to be healthy and happy. While that is partially true, I have also been surprised at how there are just as many negatives.

1. I don't waste any time commuting, so I have more time for workouts. I also get a little more sleep and research shows that getting an adequate amount of sleep helps regulate appetite.

2. I can wear work-out clothes all the time. This makes it easier to fit in mini-workouts throughout the day. And no heels, which makes my tootsies very happy.

3. I have full access to my kitchen. So I can make healthy meals during the day. I quickly scramble eggs for breakfast, chop up and toss together a fresh salad for lunch. And start the slower cooking parts of dinner in the …

The things I didn't learn from being hurt

On Friday I was thinking that I would write a post on how my injury was maybe one of those blessings in disguise. It reminded me that I need to take days off and listen to my body instead of always pushing through. But, I would have plenty of time to recover, strengthen my feet ankles and hips, and still be ready to start marathon training. Turns out, my old habits are hard to break. I started off well, biking instead of going to my high impact step-class on Friday. After that it all fell apart. Friday night I spent 5+ hours on my feet, in crappy shoes, walking the cobblestone streets on Portland on the art walk. Saturday morning I just couldn't keep myself from going to boot-camp. And then I couldn't keep myself from doing everything during class, even if it hurt. Then, I stood up for 4 hours at a hop picking party at my local brewery. 
By Saturday night, my foot was so tired and achy that I knew I had to rest it. I elevated it, iced it, and had to bail on the ghost tour and p…

I can walk!

I had my appointment with the orthopedist yesterday afternoon. He had me describe my injury, the full history of my foot/ankle issues, he palpated my foot, and then he had me walk, stand on one leg, and squat while he watched. After all that, he concluded that I was right (and the ED doc was wrong), this isn't a stress fracture!!

There is no real name for my diagnosis, but basically it stems from my darn high arches (that caused all my stupid plantar fasciitis issues), tight achilles (from a gymnastics injury) weak ankles (from many, many sprains during my gymnastic days). When I run, my whole ankle is rolling side to side and rolling particularly far outward. This was causing the pain in my Talus. (I had no idea what a Talus was and had to google it!

I appreciated his thorough exam and explanation, but was eager to get to the important stuff. Like can I walk? More importantly, can I run? 
I won't keep you in suspense. The answer is yes and yes!
If it doesn't hurt too much, I …

Foot Update

Well honestly there isn't much of an update to give. I still don't have an appointment scheduled with the orthopedist, because the ER still hasn't sent my x-rays to my PCP for the referral. This is really frustrating because I don't know for sure what is wrong. I don't have any definite guidelines for what I should or shouldn't do.

I am trying to just use common sense and pain as a guide. By walking mostly on the side and heel of my injured foot, I made my whole ankle hurt on that side. So, now I am trying to use my crutches more or do a normal foot plant when I am walking. It also seems to feel better when I wear sneakers than when I am barefoot.

I tried swimming yesterday and that was pain free so I swam for 45 minutes. I didn't do my usual kicking drills and I tried to pull more with my arms and kick less. Today I tried biking. After fighting with my stupid pump to pump up road bike tires for more than 20 minutes, I finally gave up and took out my mountain…


So that whole never taking a day off thing that I wrote about just a few weeks ago? Well it caught up with me this weekend. About 25 minutes into my run Sunday, I felt a strange pop in my foot going up a hill. I stopped, shook it out, and walked for a minute. I tried running again and it felt fine for about 10 minutes and then it happened again. So I stopped again, shook it out, walked, and then tried running again. This time I made it about 5 minutes.

I know I probably should have just stopped running as soon as I felt that first pain, but it really didn't hurt again after I shook it out. In between those steps of sharp pain it was fine. I got back to my house, walked around, stretched a bit, and then took the ultimate ice bath - a long swim in the chilly Atlantic.

It was after I got out of the ocean and into the shower that I noticed that my foot hurt a lot. Like so much that I couldn't walk at all. I limped and hopped my through brunch and the next few hours. Finally I relen…