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I went to a yoga class last night outside at Kettle Cove. I almost skipped it because I just wasn't feeling it. It was foggy, chilly and I was feeling bogged down by life. I'd spent the afternoon in the couch in a funk, eating my way through the kitchen. 
As we moved through a flowing practice in the mist, the teacher talked about clutter. Most of us tend to emphasize the physical clutter, when really we should be trying to clear our emotional clutter. 

 When it comes to physical clutter, I am all over it. I am a neat freak and I am constantly picking up and cleaning out. We specifically don't have a registry for our wedding because we don't want more things.

However, I realized that I am not so good when it comes to emotional clutter. I hold onto worries, past hurts, resentment, and fear. I treat them like my favorite books. I take them out, use them for a while, and then instead of passing them on, I put them back on the self. I know they aren't serving me there,…

Wedding Madness

I just got home from a kickboxing class where I went balls to the walls this morning. I was throwing some serious power into my jabs and kicks. It was just what I needed to get out some wedding stress.

The wedding is now less than 3 weeks away. Through the whole wedding planning process I have been trying to remind myself to stay calm and enjoy the process. I mean, I am marrying the guy I love more than anything, so it should be fun right?

I have actually managed to do that for the most part, which I am proud of because given my type A personality, it is not easy for me to relax and let go of details.

Now that the wedding is so close though, I am letting it get to me big time. The thing is that the stress is not even originating with me. I am letting everyone else's stress and last minute suggestions get into my head.

"So many weeds. This yard will never been ready. I don't know how I'll ever get it done."

"Help, I didn't book my hotel room and now they ar…

The Eternal Quest

I recently saw a Fitfluential tweet linking to a post on a blog called Running Towards the Prize on Finding Running Shorts for Ladies with Bigger (and Stronger) Thighs.

I immediately took a look because that certainly describes me. I have always had big thighs. I was a gymnast growing up and I could never find pants that fit me. I had these hug thighs and a tiny waist. Switching over to running didn't help at all in the thigh size department. I have come to love my legs. They are strong and allow me to do amazing things. But they just don't work with most shorts.

I see all these women running in these cute little running shorts, and yet when I wear them I end up spending the whole run pulling the shorts down and end up all chafed.

I was hoping Megan had found the answer. Unfortunately, none of the shorts she reviewed actually worked for her. They all rode up. Fail.

I have found that it works best when I stick to compression shorts, especially those that come in longer lengths.

Lessons Learned From A Bad Swim

If you read my race recap about the 2014 Tri for a Cure, you will know that I had a bad swim. Probably my worst swim experience ever in the 10 or so triathlons I've done.

As part of my whole now that I am in my 30's I am going to try to be a little wiser campaign, I am actually going to try to learn something from the bad experience. Here is what i think contributed to the rough swim and what I can do have a better experience next year.

1. I didn't swim in the ocean enough. I did a good job getting in the pool regularly during the spring, but I needed to get in the ocean at least once a week starting in June. Yes, the water was cold and miserable and so it wouldn't have been fun. But the water was cold and miserable on race day and so I needed that practice.

2. I need a full wetsuit and booties. I was one of the very few people wearing a shortie wetsuit and I was freezing. When you are that cold it is hard to feel comfortable in the water. Plus, having warmer swim gear…

Tri for a Cure 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen, I have sucessfully completed the Tri for a Cure 2014.

First of all, it is so amazing to have such a great event right in my backyard. Even with race traffic, it only took me 9 minutes to get to get there. This is great for a race that starts early in the morning.

It was a strangely beautiful morning with a light fog hanging over the water shrouding the islands and boats in Casco Bay. In a few places the pink sun shone through.

I spent nearly all of my time before the start in line for the bathroom. At an all women's race they should know they really need a lot of portapotties!

The opening ceremony was as moving as always. Each year I am just as touched because there are so many incredible stories about the ways that cancer has touched so many lives. This year they highlighted an elderly pair of identical twins who both have lung cancer, but were determined to volunteer at a water stop. They are the embodiment of what it means to never give up.

Then the surviv…

Ready to Tri for Cure?

The Tri for a Cure really snuck on me this year. I can't believe the race is this weekend.

I just couldn't pull it together with the fundraising this year. My goal was to raise $350, but I only made it to $227. Would you like to help me support a great cause?

I'm feeling confident about the run and bike. I have a lot of miles under my belt and I've even managed to do quite a bit of speedwork since the Tokyo Marathon at the end of February. I've gotten in 596.46 miles of running this year. Although I got a late start because of the cold, wet spring I've also managed to get in 370.3 miles of biking.

It's the swim I am nervous about. See that little tiny piece of the pie chart above? That tiny 1.1%? Yeah, that's all the swimming I've done. Worse, out of that swimming I've only done 2 open water workouts, and only 1 in the ocean. I have some valid excuses- abnormally cold water, a lot of wind/surf/rain in the past 2 weeks, planning a wedding, etc. B…


I am now in my 30's. Theoretically, that means I should now be wiser (and not just older) than I was at 20. Most of the time I don't notice any change and think that I will be stuck being a type A, control freak, for the rest of my life. But, every now and then I have a moment where I realize that maybe I am growing after all.

Recently someone in my life mentioned something that could have a big impact on my life. (How's that for vague?). It was a casual comment and it is something that is a remote possibility. Yet, being the control freak that I am, I let it worry me. I was just going to bed and so I laid awake for quite awhile worrying about the future. That's nothing new for me.

But here is where something new happened.

I realized that I was getting carried away and getting myself all wound up about something that probably won't even happen. I told myself to to let it go and to go to sleep.

It would make a much better story if I said that I exhaled all that worr…

Showered With Love

What an absolutely amazing weekend I just had. It was full of everything I love most- the ocean, friends, family, food, and music.

The fun started Friday. My best friend (and Maid of Honor), Breezy, and I headed up to Cape Newagen around noon. We wanted to get there in plenty of time to get in a boat trip and to start party preparation for my bridal shower on Saturday.

Saturday morning I went for a nice run by myself and then we started the festivities with a yoga class taught by me. It was a beautiful morning to be practicing yoga by the sea. It was also the perfect way to slow down, let go of any lingering worries from the week, and enjoy the present moment. I left the class full of gratitude. 

Then it was time to party. My friends and family did such a good job decorating our boathouse. It was full of my favorite colors, favorite foods, and favorite flowers. 

The shower was exactly what I wanted- low key and fun! We played a few games, drank a lot of mimosas, ate a lot of delicious…


My soon to be sister in-law, Erika, has gotten into surfing this summer and talked me into taking a lesson with her. I then talked my sister, Maddy, into coming with us too.

We headed down to Wells, where we took a private lesson through Wheels and Waves. It was a gorgeous day, but very windy!

I was tired before we even got into the water between trying to get myself into my wet-suit and attempting to carry my board down the beach in the wind. 
We did some drills on the beach to practice popping up. Both my sister and I are pretty athletic, so we caught on pretty quickly. Little did we know how much harder it would be on the water!
Then we headed into the water. Even with the wet suit it was cold and my poor bare hands and face were aching. Getting out with my board into the deep water was really hard. Between the breaking waves, the wind, and the undertow I was really struggling. The waves were really close together yesterday so I hardly made any forward progress before I got pushed …

Just as bad as I expected

You know how sometimes you are absolutely dreading something, but then when you finally do it, it isn't that bad? That's not what happened when I did my first ocean swim of the year yesterday. It was just as terrible as I thought it would be.

Tri for a Cure is now just 2 weeks away so I knew I needed to stop making excuses and get myself in the ocean. I headed down to Spring Point Light so I could practice on the actual course, slithered into my wetsuit, popped on my goggles, and headed into the water.

I gasped when my toes first hit the water. It was SO cold. I refused to let myself turn around though and kept heading into the water. I took a deep breath and then dropped myself into the water. I did the breast stroke for a minute or so to let my body get used to the water. Then came the part I was most dreading- I had to put my face in the water.

The cold took my breath away. I came up panicked and gasping. And so it went. Put face in water, gasp from the cold, panic, come up…

About that fall marathon

Last week I ran 33.89 miles. (And if I had know it was .89 I totally would have done an extra .11 to make it 34). With training like that I could totally be ready for the Auckland Marathon in the fall.

Except the week before I only ran 13.44 miles. But, the week before that I ran 26.8! But, the week before that I only ran 19.5. 
This, my friends, is why I've never done a fall marathon. I have such a hard time being consistent in the summer between the heat and all the fun summer activities. I'd so much rather go do a long run when it is 20 than when it is 80. In fact when it's 80, I'd prefer to skip running altogether and head out in my kayak. 
I know that in order to complete my goal of running a marathon on all 7 continents, that I will probably have to run a fall marathon at some point. I just wish I knew if this was the year. Maybe if I knew for sure, I'd be able to suck it up and train consistently. Unfortunately, there are just too many variables (money, work…


Hi Friends! I can't believe it is almost the 4th of July! This year feels like it is just flying by!

1. This week has not flown by. In fact it has seemed to crawl, and that is because my kitchen is all torn up. I finally decided I couldn't stand my gross old while tile counter with the moldy grout one more day and decided to replace the counter top and sink. It should have been a 1 day job, so Monday morning they ripped up the old counter. Then it turned out that the new counter didn't fit and the sink was late in being delivered. So this is what we have been living with. We've been stuck grilling everything and washing dishes with the hose.

2. I decided to spring for a second block of 8 personal training sessions. I am using the wedding as an excuse. It is expensive, but I really enjoy it and I feel like I am getting fitter and have some great new ideas for the workouts I do on my own. 
3. Maine Running Company is doing Beach to Beacon Preview runs. They drive you to …

Love me some Lake

I've got this date looming on my summer calender. It's not my wedding, although that is rapidly approaching too, it's the Tri for a Cure. The race is now less than 3 weeks away and I was starting to worry about the fact I haven't done a single open water swim session.

I've been getting to the pool once a week, but I just haven't gotten myself in the ocean. The water here in Maine is still freezing! Not just a little chilly, but ouch this hurts and my feet ache cold. I went to the beach Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and brought my wetsuit just in case. But since it hurt just to stand up to the my ankles, I just convince myself to do a real swim.

Yesterday it was supposed to be 90 here so I decided to go see my future sister-in-law, who lives on a lake. As I packed up myself and the dog, it occurred to me that the lake was the perfect solution! I could get in an open water swim and not freeze to death!

It was Sushi's first time in fresh water and she was a big…