Ready to Tri for Cure?

The Tri for a Cure really snuck on me this year. I can't believe the race is this weekend.

I just couldn't pull it together with the fundraising this year. My goal was to raise $350, but I only made it to $227. Would you like to help me support a great cause?

I'm feeling confident about the run and bike. I have a lot of miles under my belt and I've even managed to do quite a bit of speedwork since the Tokyo Marathon at the end of February. I've gotten in 596.46 miles of running this year. Although I got a late start because of the cold, wet spring I've also managed to get in 370.3 miles of biking.

It's the swim I am nervous about. See that little tiny piece of the pie chart above? That tiny 1.1%? Yeah, that's all the swimming I've done. Worse, out of that swimming I've only done 2 open water workouts, and only 1 in the ocean. I have some valid excuses- abnormally cold water, a lot of wind/surf/rain in the past 2 weeks, planning a wedding, etc. But, a lot of it is just that I don't enjoy swimming in the ocean, so I don't do it! 

I can't control the water conditions on race day, but I can control my race preparation. Just because this is my 3rd year doing this race, doesn't mean I can be lax about packing my stuff. I made that mistake in May at Tri for the Y and ended up without some things I really needed. I won't make that mistake again!

Any last minute open water swim tips for me? Or maybe someone would just like to pretend to be me and do the swim for me? (only kidding..... kind of.)