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A weeks worth of workouts at home

Before Thanksgiving I shared what a typical week of workouts looks like when I'm on the road. This week I'm lucky enough to be working for home. Here's what a week at home in the fall/winter looks like:
MondayAM 45 minute kickboxing class. 45 minute strength class.
TuesdayAM: A 60 minute run, usually an interval or tempo workout. Yesterday I cranked out a 7:30 magic mile. Go me! PM: If my work schedule allows, I hit up the noon yoga class at . If not, I do a DVD at home at night.
WednesdayAM: 30 minutes on the elliptical and then a 45 minute absolute kick butt boot camp class PM: Fit club. We do something different every week, but usually 25-30 minutes of a cardio turbo fire and then some strength
ThursdayAM: A 60 minute run with some hill repeats thrown in PM: Pilates or yoga
Friday:AM: A 60 minute step class, and then either a 45 minute class that is a combo of zumba and strength, or just weight on my own
Saturday:AM: 60 minute kickboxing class if I am home. But I try …

Christmas in the New House

I am so excited to get to decorate my new house for Christmas! My Dad and I went to get our trees the day after Thanksgiving at a great farm by his house. It is always fun to tromp through the snow and find the perfect tree. It's not so fun to lie down in the snow to cut down the tree, but it's part of the experience I guess. My Dad just had surgery so I got to drag both trees back through the snow to the car. Talk about a workout! My Dad picked such a fat tree that it took 4 of us to stuff it through the baler to wrap it up! When I got home Saturday night I was so excited to see how my tree would look in the house, that I decided to set it up by myself. Big Mistake!! I couldn't hold it straight and screw it into the stand at the same time. And there was a branch on the bottom that kept it from going all the way into the stand. Of course I don't have a saw, so I hacked away with a kitchen knife. But eventually I got it! I let it rest for a night and then decorated yes…


Thanksgiving was a little up in the air this year. For awhile I stressed out about it and started to get mad that things weren't going to be exactly how I wanted them to be. But then I just took a deep breath and let go. In the end I have so much to be grateful for, that it doesn't matter if the details of the day aren't perfect. I am healthy. I am still having dizzy spells, but for the most part I am healthy and strong. I went to 2 great, intense, fun classes at the gym this morning- spinning and kickboxing. I was just letting it all out. My family is healthy. We are lucky to live in a place where we have access to great healthcare. SO my Dad was diagnosed early, got treatment, and is home with us for the holiday. I have a great job that constantly challenges me and lets me travel the country. I have an awesome house that is MINE! And finally snow!! We got a storm yesterday, and while it was a dud at my house, it left nearly 8 inches at my Dad's in NH. I just …

Bed Racing

Long before Black Friday became a national event, Boothbay Harbor has been having an early bird sale. It's a chance for the stores to clean out their inventory before the stores shut for the winter, and an excuse for the locals to dress up in silly pajamas and get out and see each other before the worst of winter sets in. It's a tradition that I love, the shopping part is secondary. We all gather at my Mom's house the night before and stay up too late playing music and eating and drinking. The house is always overflowing, so I usually volunteer to sleep in the boathouse with my Mom and cousin. We snuggle down under many quilts because the boathouse is not heated or insulated and listen to the wind and the waves. Morning always come way too soon, but we drag ourselves out of our warm beds and up the hill to the house. And then before the sun is up, we're on our way to town. All the stores have free coffee and snacks, so we eat, drink, and shop our way through town, stop…

Fitness on the Road: In the Hotel

This morning I had to leave my hotel by 5 to catch my flight so the hotel gym it was. Granted, I am now still sitting in Orange County because we boarded and then had to get right back off because of a ground hold at my destination, but that’s another story.
Most hotels have some sort of gym, usually a treadmill, bike, and sometimes an elliptical. They aren’t usually great, but you can get in a decent workout and not get too bored.

20:20:20- Twenty minutes on each machine- elliptical, treadmill, bike. It keeps you from getting bored on one machine, and inspires me to work harder on each segment because I think of it as only a 20 minute workout.

Tobada and Strength Elliptical Workout- Warm up for 5-10 minutes. Then do 5 minutes of tobada (20 seconds all out, 10 seconds of recovery), then 5 minutes of increasing resistance (start at a level that is slightly challenging and up it every minute, by the last minute it should be very hard), then 5 minutes at a moderate effort to recover. …

Fitness on the Road: Gyms

This morning's workout was a spinning class at the Bally's next to my hotel. I like to check out local gyms when I'm traveling because it gives me a chance to try new equipment and classes. I've gotten to try some really cool classes like Kangoo where we bounced around on these sweet bouncy shoes, and pitch dark yoga which really challenged my balance and helped me completely let loose because no one could see me. I have also definitely been to some pretty terrible classes, like a body toning class where all the equipment was broken the instructor rushed us through with terrible form. But you win some, you lose some. It helps to do some research before you go, checking out reviews of the local gyms. And you can also check out the class schedules in advance so you know what you want to try and when! Using a gym away from home can be pretty cheap, and often free! I don't mind paying a day pass fee once in awhile, but when you are on the road as much as I am, it coul…

Fitness on the Road- Running

This morning I went for a run by my hotel. Running is great while traveling because you don't need a lot of gear, technically just sneakers and clothes (but I include my i-pod and garmin in my must have category as well). The treadmill bores me to tears, so I always try to find a way to run outside. It's worth it to spend a little time researching your destination before you go, so that you don't end up running somewhere unsafe, or get stuck running laps around the hotel parking lot. Here are a few strategies I use.

-Look for a running club at your destination. They might have group runs you can join, have route maps on their website, or if you e-mail them, be willing to provide some advice. I've yet to get a negative response when trying to hook up with a running club where I'll be traveling. Running in the USA has a great list of running clubs around the country.

-Check out a Running Route Website. There are quite a few website where people can post routes they…

Fitness on the Road- Crossfit

A lot of people ask me how I manage to stay so consistent with my work-outs when I travel so much. It's not easy, but I have developed a lot of strategies, so this week I'm going to share with you what a typical week on the road looks like work-out wise. Today I went to Crossfit. Crossfit is hugely popular these days, so you can find a gym most places you go. They also usually have early morning and late evening classes, which helps to fit it in around a long work day. Crossfit also gives a lot of bang for your buck. You are working HARD when you are there. And because most cross fit gyms use the same WOD (work-out of the day) you'll make sure the get the full benefit of the program and work your whole body over the course of the week, no matter which gym you go to. I have been going to Anaheim West Cross Fit. They are wonderful. They have been so welcoming and friendly. The coach spends a lot of time with me, making sure I understand the moves and have good form. It&…

I get by with a little help from my friends

I have a tendency to be a control freak, to be solitary, and to be creature of habit. For the most part this is good, because I get things done quickly and efficiently. But sometimes I get stuck. And when that happens I am left floundering. I dig myself in deeper and deeper because I don't ask for help. This was one of those weeks where I fell down into a pit and was stuck sitting down there. Then Saturday morning I made the decision to go to yopa. I love, love, love the yoga studio in Boothbay by my Mom's house. But I hardly ever go because the class is at 8:30 am and I have this compulsive need to do an hour of cardio first thing in the morning. But this week I just wasn't feeling great, and I really wanted to do something with my mom, so I skipped the run and went. During the class, the instructor Romee comes along and helps you into the poses. I was doing a half hearted bow pose when she came and sat on my feet and helped lift my shoulders. At first I tensed, and I the…

By the Sea

I am grateful that I now live in a place where I can see the ocean daily. There is something about the ocean that calms my restless soul. There is something in the regular rhythm of the waves and tides that reminds me to breath deeply and slows my heart rate. After the snow storm 2 weeks ago, we're now having a wonderful stretch of 60 degree weather. This morning I rode my bike to the Portland Y for a Body Pump class in shorts and a light long sleeve shirt! And I was hot by the time I got to the top of the hill on High Street. I'm warming to the instructor. When I went to his boot camp last week, I was pretty turned off by his personality. He is an ex marine and very brash. At Kristen's bootcamp in MA, I felt like she expected a lot and was tough, but ultimately was on our side. This guy seems to mostly think we're idiots. But I think I won his respect a little today when I mentioned the Antarctica Marathon. I've been taking advantage of the weather and being a…

Cider Madness and first official long run

Apparently the hurricane punch I made for my housewarming was so good that no one wanted apple cider. So I had more than a gallon of cider I need to use up. Luckily I'd saved several recipes earlier this fall that all featured cider. Apple Cider Pulled Chicken Sandwiches with Apple Slaw 1 Tbsp butter 1/2 medium onion, finely chopped 1 cup apple cider, divided 3/4 cup apple cider vinegar, divided 1/2 cup ketchup 2 Tbsp Dijon mustard 2 Tbsp brown sugar 1/2 tsp cajun seasoning 3 boneless skinless chicken breasts 1/3 cup Greek yogurt 1 Tbsp sugar salt 1 apple, cut into matchsticks 1 lb cabbage, finely shredded 4 hamburger or bulkie rolls Melt butter in a large saucepan; add onions and cook until translucent. Add 1/2 cup apple cider, 1/2 cup cider vinegar, ketchup, mustard, brown sugar, cajun seasoning, and salt to taste, and bring to a boil over high heat. Add chicken breasts and enough apple cider to cover. Cover pan, reduce to a simmer, and cook for about 15 minutes or until chi…


Tina, over at Carrots and Cake, is doing a "Be Thankful Challenge." It's such a good idea, and I have so much to be thankful for, so I am going to do the same. So here is my list so far this month. 1st: I am thankful to have gotten home on time and with no major hassles. As much as I complain about travel, it's pretty amazing that I get all the way across the country so often safely and quickly. 2nd: I am thankful to be home. I love, love, love my house. 3rd: I am thankful for the new opportunities that constantly present themselves. I'm not quite ready to share this one yet because I'm not sure where it's going. 4th: I am thankful to be able to cook, and even more thankful to be cooking for people I love. I am prepping all the food for my housewarming party and having a blast. On the menu: caramelized onion tart, spanikopita dip,, rosemary pecorino cheese and crackers, and then the chocolate fountain with marshmellows, graham crackers, apples, and p…

And Ode to an old pair of shoes

I decided today it was officially time to retire this pair of running shoes. Because I'm cheap I try to make a pair last as long as possible, but these are just done it. First of all, they reek. Seriously. A few times at the gym lately I've done some sort of jump and then wondering what the awful smell was. It was the stink of my sneakers wafting up. I am not sure why this pair is so stinky, maybe because at least twice a week I work-out and then immediately stick them in my suitcase where they usually have a good 12-18 hours to fester. Also, they are just worn out. Running the trails in Eureka last week I could feel every rock I stepped on. Normal if you are wearing, Vibram 5 fingers, not normal in cushioned running shoes. There is always something sad about retiring a pair of shoes. This pair in particular has been through a lot with me. I did my last runs in Santa Rosa before I was reassigned to Orange, and then did my first runs in Orange. I wore them for my first 2 s…

Avenue of the Giants

Okay last post about giant Redwoods for awhile, I promise. It’s just that each place I’ve gone to has had bigger trees and been even more unspoiled. Yesterday I decided to sacrifice sleep and spend my last day in Humbolt County driving the Avenue of the Giants, a 31 mile road through the largest and oldest groves of virgin redwood. We got off highway 101 and immediately were surrounded by redwoods. The towering trees made a massive canopy over the road. It was cool, dark, and so quiet. A few miles into our drive we got out for the first time at an area that had a lot of upturned trees. It was fun to crawl through the tunnels and caves made by the giant root systems. Even on their sides the trees are huge, 2-3 times wide as I am tall. The area also had a lot of ferns and moss. It was like stepping back in time, I kept waiting for the dinosaurs to show up. Next stop was a gift shop built in a cavern under a tree. We stopped again to walk the Founder’s Grove trail, an easy 2/3 of …