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Anniversary Celebration

Last night the BF and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary. For some people 6 months may not seem like a huge deal, but for us it was a pretty big milestone so we decided to celebrate.

We are both a little short on money because of unexpected recent house expenses (we both own houses), so we decided just to go to a little local seafood restaurant. They have an awesome "happy hour." You can get 6 bacon wrapped scallops, a pound of steamers, and a huge thing of sweet potato fries for just $3 each. Even better it's BYOB, so we could enjoy a cheap-o bottle of bubbly (thank you Trader Joes). We finished off the meal with their special dessert. A deep fried Whoopie Pie.

Then we headed back to my house and built a roaring fire because it freezing out! Once the fire was blazing we moved onto presents. I made him a homemade no sew fleece blanket. I used a nice manly brown dog footprint pattern for top layer and a sweet pink heart pattern for the under layer, so he knows my heart is…

If you're injured and you know it....

Remember that nice little training plan I just posted? One problem- I am already injured. My right hip/glute/hamstring has been extremely unhappy for the past few weeks.

It's a chronic issue from gymnastics, but it normally doesn't bother me too much. But lately is has gone from slightly uncomfortable to really painful. It hurts the entire time I am running. I have pushed myself through my normal weekday 6 milers, but I am in agony by the time I finish. It hurts when I sit. It hurts when I do yoga.

I have tried to be good. I stretch and foam roll like it is my job. I've been going to a yoga class 1-2 times a week. I've iced. I even went to the trouble of finding a new chiropractor that is closer to my house so I can actually go during the week. She is great. She said I was a mess. My whole pelvis was twisted because the muscles on my right side were so overly tight. It was twisted to such an extent that my right leg was almost 2 inches shorter than my left.

I told her to …

26.2 with Donna Training Plan

Usually around this time I am starting to train for my late winter/early spring marathon. But this year, I am not signed up for a marathon until next June. So I am feeling a little aimless lately. I am however, signed up to run a half marathon in Floria in February. I have never trained specially for a half marathon before, but I am feeling like I need something to focus on. Also, after stalling out around the 2:05 mark for the last few years, I'd love to lower my PR. So bring on the training plan!

This is based on the 1/2 marathon time goal training plan by Jeff Galloway. After using Galloway's run/walk method for my past 2 marathons, I just can't imagine going back. I recover so much faster with the walk breaks, and find it so much easier mentally. Plus, the pace groups in the 26.2 with Donna use the run/walk method. I might as well train the way I am going to race.

What is your next big race? Do you have a training plan?

Foodie Pen Pal Reveal: November

I can't believe another month has flow by and it is food pen pal reveal day already!

Foodie Pen Pals is an awesome idea thought up by Lindsay at the Lean Green Bean. Every month you get a pen pal pairing via email. You then have some time to exchange e-mails and get to know your pen pal before mailing out their box. The boxes are to be filled with fun foodie things, local food items or even homemade treats! The spending limit is $15, so it is fun without breaking the bank. 
My foodie pen pal this month was Elizabeth from Her blog is great- I went to take a quick look, and ended up spending more than an hour looking around! 
Elizabeth sent me a great box. Inside was Virginia peanuts: I put them out at Thanksgiving and they disappeared quickly; Chex Mix: my favorite salty, crunchy snack; A dark chocolate, almond, sea salt bar: UM total delish; and some Wasabi puffs which I am saving for a lunch time treat.

10 Years

Last night was my 10 year high school reunion. How did 10 years go so fast? I was actually pretty excited because I loved high school. I had a great group of close friends and we did a lot of fun things, even though we weren't into drinking and partying. I also think I had a pretty unique class, because although there were definite cliques or groups of friends, we also got along really well as a whole. We won Winter Carnival as freshman! I knew every person in my class and would have felt comfortable talking to any of them. Other than stalking checking in on people on Facebook, I really have only kept in touch with a few people.

I started the night at Gritty's McDuff's Brew Pub because I knew I'd need some liquid courage. I met my 2 close friends that I still see, but our friend Jason also came. I don't think I'd seen him since high school. It was so fun to catch up and get to know his wife as we plowed through nachos, fried mushrooms, and chicken tenders. Befor…

Portland's 31st Annual Thanksgiving Day 4 Miler

When I found out I was going to be home for Thanksgiving last week I went ahead and signed up for the annual Thanksgiving Day 4 Miler. I just love doing an organized race on Thanksgiving- it gives me such hope for the future to see so many families out there running together.

I woke up feeling a little queasy this morning, which may have been the result of too many pumpkin beers last night at Seadog. But I have also just been feeling a little off this week. So I decided not to set a goal and just run what felt good.

After a small turkey panic (it was still frozen inside, despite being out of the freezer for 4 days), I got the turkey in the oven and headed out towards Portland. The race started right downtown at One City Center, which is about 2.5 miles from house. I thought running there would be a nice warm-up and alleviate the hassle of parking.

It was a sunny, about 33 degrees, and crystal clear. It was so pretty running over the Casco  Bay Bridge and looking out over the harbor and a…

Maine Squash Rolls

I am a little stressed this week. Work is insane and I am feeling the pressure of preparing the entire Thanksgiving dinner by myself for the first time. So, I am trying to find pleasure in the small things. Today it was a cookie cutter.

I made a batch of my Great-Grandmother's Squash Rolls. Instead of just making them circular, I decided to use my new Maine cookie cutter. I was afraid they would just turn into lumps when they baked, but they didn't! They look so good!

Now if you excuse me, Downeast Maine is just begging to be slathered in butter and eaten!

Rest Day

I did a lot on Saturday. I was up at 5am to head into Boothbay Harbor for the annual Early Bird Sale. It's a family tradition. Friends and family come from near and far and sleep over at my Mom's house the night before. Then we head into town, dressed in crazy pajama's and slippers to shop. We take a break to watch the PJ parade and bed race before heading to brunch at McSeagulls for mimosas and lobster and crab omelets.

It's a blast and a fun way to support local  business and catch up with friends and family.

Normally, we then go home and take a nap. Instead this year, we came home and knocked down a chimney! We are FINALLY renovating the kitchen at the family homestead- it's only about 50 years overdue. I got to go up in the lifter and help with the demo. And then i got to carry many, many, many piles of bricks across the yard to the dumpster.

Then we worked on cleaning out the old pantry in the kitchen. By the time I got back to my own house it was 10pm and I we…

Training Log Dilemma

Tuesday morning when I went to log my run on the Runner's World Log I have been using for years, I got an unpleasant surprise. Runner's World is discontinuing their classic log and switching to the new "Personal Trainer," which is part of their Training Peaks Program.

Major bummer. I really like the Classic Log. I like how it easily shows my monthly distances, stats for the year, and total stats (how crazy is it that I have spent 48 days of life running since I started the log 5 years ago!!)

Sponsored Post: Looking Good on the Run

Admittedly, I do look like a slob a lot of the time, but I do try to put in some effort. This applies to running and the gym too. However, this is an extra challenge. Because what can you really do besides cute clothes? I am not going to bother with doing my hair or make-up becaue they'll be ruined within minutes. My new secret is earrings. A good pair of studs makes you look like you tried a little, without going overboard, and they don't get in your way.

So when my blogger pal Kim mentioned that Anjolee which specializes in all kinds of diamond jewelry from wedding rings sets, to anniversary bands, to necklaces and earrings, was working with bloggers to promote their products I pounced.

I knew I wanted earrings, but I still spent quite awhile exploring their site. I love their customizable wedding rings. I know the BF and I have only been together for six months, but a girl can dream. P.S. If he asks any of you, I like the Radiant Princess Cut.

Once I was done dreaming, I moved…

All by myself...

Yesterday there was a brewery running tour through Portland as a part of Maine Beer Week. I was so excited when I found out about it. I mean running and beer are 2 of my favorite things. And then I couldn't find anyone to go with. I was going to go alone. I got dressed and everything. Then, I totally wimped out at the last moment.

I am usually pretty good at flying solo. I travel alone all the time for work, so I don't mind eating out alone or sight-seeing in a new place. But there is something about doing social things alone at home that totally intimidates me. I don't know why! I don't know if I am afraid that I will see someone I know and they will think I am loser for being there alone. Or if I am afraid I won't have anyone to talk to and be miserable.

Instead I went to a holiday fair and then sat in a cafe reading with a pumpkin latte. I did those activities alone, why couldn't I do the running brewery tour??

Oh well, I got my social running fix today. I met…

I got rolfed

My right hip/glute has been very unhappy the past couple weeks. It is has been a chronic injury since my gymnastics days, but it is usually more a mild annoyance than anything else. The last two weeks however it has been downright painful, especially when running and sitting. Copious amounts of foam rolling and yoga weren't helping, so when I saw a living social deal for rolfing, I decided to give it a try.

What is rolfing you ask?

Rolfing is a physically applied practice, administered by a qualified practitioner, typically in a series of ten sessions with the objective of maximising individual well being of body and mind. This holistic approach brings together awareness, coordination, structure and psychology. Rolfing was invented by Dr. Ida Rolf, who developed the technique of manipulating the body’s connective tissues in order to release stress patterns within the human form.

Rolfing is based on the theory that muscles work in opposing pairs: one contracts while the ot…

Worst dog sitter ever

What a day. The furnace guys were scheduled to come at 9:30 this morning, so I headed out to run for an hour at 7:30. I figured I'd have half an hour when I got home to shower, stretch, and eat breakfast before closing Dixie and myself in my office for the day.

Except when I came down my road at the end of my run I saw the furnace truck in my driveway. Then I saw the front door wide open. I broke into an all out sprint. I ran into the house gasping, "did you shut the dog up somewhere?"

"Oh that's your dog? We saw it sitting in road so we called animal control."

Apparently when they arrived they propped open the front door because they were carrying parts, and then left it open while they headed down to the basement to set up. While they were in the basement, Dixie, who had been asleep in my bed, woke up, came downstairs, and wandered outside.

I panicked. My boyfriend LOVES his dog and I lost her.

Luckily, it turned out fine. I called the police and they sent ani…

What motivates you to exercise?

At the gym this morning I was reading an article about exercise motivation in Fitness that got me thinking. The article started with a quiz to help you identify what motivates you most. There were 5 questions each with 4 possible answers. When I tallied my answers I had one A, one B, one C, and 2 D's.

If you had mostly A's you motivation is health; mostly B's your motivation is making friends; mostly C's your motivation is your swimsuit (your appearance); and finally mostly D's your motivation is the mental rush you get.

So what about me who is all over the map? The more I thought about it, the more my results made sense. When I first started to run and be diligent about exercise I was trying to lose the weight I'd gained after quitting gymnastics and studying abroad. It was all about the calories. I became obsessed with burning more and eating less.

But when I got to college, running and fitness turned into a social activity. Some of my best friends developed out…