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We don't want to leave Shigakogen

Whatever was in those mysterious Japanese pills seems to have helped, because I have been feeling better the last 2 days. Plus, I found that if I actually sleep all night with my mask on it helps with the sore throat. It helps to keep in some moisture because the air is so incredibly dry here (seriously, we hung up sopping wet clothes and they were bone dry by morning).

With my energy levels back up, we skied our little butts off. Shigakogen has 21 different ski areas and 71 lifts and we skied all but 1 of them (you have to take a shuttle to get there and we didn't want to waste time on the bus).

Our hotel, Khuls, is perfectly situated in the middle of the various areas. We can ski right out the hotel door and be there for the first lift up in the morning.

The terrain and the powder just go on and on. We never saw a single patch of ice.

Our rentals were included in our room rate. Both of our skis were great, and they even managed to find boots in a size 14 for Rory. My boots were …

Happy Birthday Mom

It is still Tuesday back at home, but it is Wednesday morning already here, which means...... It is my Mom's Birthday!! Happy Birthday Mumise!!

I credit my mother with instilling in me this curiosity, sense of adventure, and determination that has led me to all my adventures around the world.

Skiing in Shigakogen

We just finished our first day of skiing and I don't ever want to leave here.

This morning however I was really questioning my ability to make good decisions. First of all I was a lot more sore than yesterday. Darn that 48 hours DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness for all you non-fitness folk.) I don't know why on Earth I scheduled a ski vacation directly after a marathon. Secondly, the cold that I started to come down with on marathon day is now full blown. I was up most of the night because I couldn't breathe at all lying down. I felt horrible. Finally, the weather forecast for the day was for temperatures in the 20's with winds picking up. I was apparently looking at the weather for the wrong town when I checked at home when I was packing because I decided not to bring my ski coat in order to save room in my suitcase.

I was really longing for my sick day comfort breakfast from home, some yogurt with honey and raspberry zinger tea. But it turns out miso soup, plain r…

We made it to Ichinose

I was surprised, and thrilled, this morning to find that I felt pretty darn good. Probably the best I've ever felt after a marathon, which was fortunate since I needed to be able to get myself and my suitcase from Tokyo to the tiny village of Ichinose, in Shigakogen, near Nagano. This involved a walk to Shinjuku station where we got on the metro. We made the mistake of going during morning rush hour and it was absolutely insane. There were people moving in every direction all over the station. There was a metro employee standing by the doors and helping to shove people into the already packed train. I can't believe we both got on with our giant bags! Thank heavens for Japanese courtesy and manners.

We took the metro to Tokyo station where we had to find the shinkansen, or bullet trains. The shinkansen was amazing. It travels at 200 miles per hour, so we made the 300 mile trip to Nagano in 90 minutes! We got to see the country fly by.

 In Nagano we had a 2 hour wait for the bus…

Tokyo Marathon

I should probably wait awhile before writing this post in order to gain some perspective and not let the not so great end of the day color the whole experience. But I am stuck in bed unable to do anything else, so I am not going to wait. This is going to be a long one...... so settle in.

I woke up super early again and finally got tired of tossing and turning and just got up at 5:30. So I had a long leisurely time to get ready, foam roll, and do some sun salutations. I was hoping we'd beat the crowd to breakfast, but apparently everyone had the same idea, because we had to wait in line just to get in. We went to the combo Japanese/Western buffet, and I was tempted by all the yummy Western stuff I hadn't had in the Japanese breakfast we've been having. But, I know not to try new things on race day so I just grabbed some toast and a banana to have with the peanut butter I brought from home.

 I left the hotel around 8 which I thought was plenty of time since the race started …

Day 2 in Tokyo: Odaiba

Jet lag and race nerves combined last night to leave me wide awake at 3 am. So please excuse me if this isn't the most coherent- it's already been a long day!

After hitting up the Japanese breakfast again (seriously, I am going to start eating rice, tofu and chicken for breakfast at home; it makes me feel so good), we headed out on our own. Yesterday we had the comfort of a bus driver and a tour guide, but today we were solo. Our trepidation is justified- the station by our hotel, Shinjuku station, is the busiest train station in THE WORLD. There are floors and floors of trains and buses and subways and it is insanely crowded. Miraculously, though we managed to find our first subway, get off at the right station, switch trains, and then get off at the right station again. Go us!

We spent the morning in Odaiba which is across Tokyo bay from central Tokyo. It was really pretty crossing over the bay on the above ground metro and seeing the harbor and beaches. We spent several hou…

Hello from Tokyo!

Hello from Tokyo, where our day is ending while yours at home hasn't even started. That 14 hour time difference is hard to adjust to.

We got to Tokyo Thursday afternoon, after leaving Maine early Wednesday morning. The trip went smoothly, but it was long and we started to get a little loopy by the end.

Luckily, everything here is incredibly well organized so, even exhausted, we easily got through customs, got our bags, and found the bus to take us to our hotel.

The most exciting thing about our hotel is the toilet. I will  be sad to get home and not have a heated toilet that plays music.

We went to the Marathon Tours reception last night and then called it an early night since we'd both been awake for 24+ hours.

This morning I intended to go to the hotel gym, but when I got there I found a line out the door. 3 treadmills and a 45 story hotel full of marathon runners is not a good combination! Instead I headed outside for a shake out run. The hotel provided a map with a 2k rout…