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Summer is here, and I'm stuck in sneakers

Since I was working from home last week, I finally had the chance to go to a new foot doctor. He confirmed that I wasn't imagining that my heel pain was getting worse- my plantar fascia is literally starting to rip off my heel. He gave me new orthotics and strict instructions to wear them in sneakers ALL THE TIME. No sandals, no heels, no going barefoot. A terrible fate for someone who is barefoot or in flip-slops most of the time.

Even worse is that the high arch support in the orthotics affected my stride and messed up my ankle. I woke up Saturday literally unable to walk. I was in Maine for the long weekend, so I didn't have the option of the gym or pool. So biking it was. Not terrible, but there is only one road that goes around the island. 8.5 miles is one time around. By Monday, I couldn't face one more loop.

Aside from the foot issues, I had a wonderful long weekend in Maine. It was pea soup fog most the weekend, and chilly, but it still felt like summer. The summer…

Graduation and noodles

It was a busy weekend of graduations. I had my hooding ceremony Friday- it was strange to finally meet everyone I've been taking on-lines classes with for years. No one was like I expected. And I am now officially an MPH. I need a new hobby to do on the plane now that I don't have homework.

Saturday I elected to skip my own graduation, since it was going to be a million hours long. I figured the morning was better spent running around the boulevard (my favorite run ever), hanging out with my friends in Maine, and getting to Vermont early enough to hit up Ben and Jerry's and Cabot for tours and samples. Sunday was my cousin's graduation at UVM. He also elected to blow off the early morning long, college wide ceremony, and we went out for a great brunch instead. Then we did some shopping before the college of arts and sciences ceremony at 2:30. He and his friends hosted a BBQ after the ceremony, so it was a late night. I didn't get home til after midnight.

But that&#…

Holy stink Batman

Be very glad you were not the person sitting next to me on the plane today. I stayed in San Francisco last night because I had a 6 am (ick) flight this morning. So, I took the opportunity to cross another thing off my Northern California to do list- The Stinking Rose. The Stinking Rose is a restaurant in North Beach famous for the massive quantities of garlic in all their food. I was meeting 3 of the other consultants from work. Vanessa and I were starving, and the other 2 were running late, so we sat down to have an appetizer while we waited. We got a panzanella type salad, heavy on the garlic, which we had with rolls and garlic pesto. When Jose and Diana arrived, we moved on to the signature appetizer, the bagna caulda. Basically whole garlic gloves slow roasted in olive oil. For our meal, we shared a massive platter of shrimp and crab with 3 different types of garlic dipping sauce. I was a greasy, happy, full mess by the end of the meal. I brushed my teeth about 4 times last night,…
I did my first triathalon today, and I loved it! I go to a great bootcamp on Satruday mornings and the instructor urged us all to sign up. It was just the little push I needed. I was the most nervous about the swim. I’ve done plenty of biking and running, but not a whole lot of swimming (other than paddling around leisurely). I woke in the early morning, to the sound of pouring rain. Great. Luckily the down pours stopped before the race, and it was just overcast and cold. I was intimidated when I first got there. Everyone had on fancy trisuits, and I was wearing an old bathing suit and shorts. I wore my shorts on the swim partly to cover up my butt, and partly because the swimsuit was so loose I was afraid it might fall off! I had no idea when I signed up what estimated time to put for the swim, so I said 20 minutes. That put me at the very end of the line to start. So I had a nice hour to stand and get nice and nervous and watch everyone whiz through the water. But once I started, I …

Muir Woods

I’m realizing that my contract in Northern California is nearly up, and there is still so much I haven’t done. Every time I drive by the Muir Woods exit, I want to get off, but never have the time. I didn’t have to go into the office this morning, but I still got myself up early so that I would finally have time to stop. Amazing.
I got there right when they first opened, so I was alone on the trail, surrounded by the towering redwoods in the chill of the early morning with only the sound of the stream in the background. After 2 weeks of LIVE craziness at work, it was the perfect place to stop and remember what matters. Looking at the small piece that a human lifespan represents in the life of a redwood, we are reminded that life is short. Carpe diem.

And so even though it meant cutting it close at the airport, I took the time to stop at Muir beach as well. Nothing makes me happier than burying my toes in the warm sand and then dunking them in a cold ocean. I climbed up the steep 900 s…

Farmer's Market!

The best thing about California is that there is fresh produce months ahead of when we get it at home. This week I've been to several farmer's markets and been feasting on strawberries, cherries, tomatoes, fresh greens, bread, and goat cheese (I don't know what it is about goat cheese lately, I'm obsessed. Like the saying, you had at hello. You had me at the goat cheese. Anything it's in, on, and near, I want!)
The Wednesday night market in Santa Rosa was especially fantastic. They shut down the whole center of the town. There is live music, entertainment, wine tasting, and tons of people.

Darkness, Darkness

All great and beautiful work has come of first gazing without shrinking into the darkness.
-John Ruskin

I miss the darkness. I grew up in places where there was nothing, really, to fear at night. The worst you might encounter was a small critter, a raccoon or porcupine, that was easily enough scared away with the flash of a flashlight or a loud clap. Even though my attack happened in the broad daylight, I am now afraid of being alone in the dark. Last night I worked the command center until 1 am and I had to walk to my car alone. I was terrified. I hate that. I hate not being able to trust people. I miss standing alone and staring up at the car. I miss that feeling of having the world to yourself that you only get late at night. I miss running in the darkness, it was when I felt the fastest and lightest.

California Dreaming

Having already admitted that I was able to appreciate the virtues of living in Boston, I know must concede that I can see how people love living in California as well. I went for a nice 12.5 mile run this morning, and only a mile of it was on the road. The rest was on the lovely trails around Spring Lake, Howarth Park, and Annandel State Park. Not only were there great rails, but there were water fountains everywhere, so I didn't have to lug my water bottle. Get with it New England!
When I finished my run I got to jump into a pool, and then eat breakfast poolside while I did a little work.

In the afternoon, I went to the Korbel Champagnery for free tasting and tour. I learned a lot- like that champagne is fermented twice, and to get the yeast out at the end they freeze the neck of bottle and pull it out. And I got two free flights of tastings!

Then, some one mentioned that Armstrong Redwood Forest was right now the road, so I stopped. SOOO glad I did. It was a humbling and moving e…

Requiem for a Dream

I am sitting in my hotel room eating soup out of the can crying at an episode of "Make it or Break It," a ridiculous drama on ABC family for teenagers. But, because it's about gymnastics I just have to watch. I'm sure a good part of it is just that I am completely over tired from the 12-14 hour days I've been putting in at work this week, but part of me regrets giving up the sport when I did. It was my first and greatest passion. It is a wonderful and dangerous thing to have have something that totally consumes you. At night when I'm falling asleep I picture myself doing a bar routine: whipping around the bar, casting up and balancing for an instant in that perfect handstand, letting go and flying through the air before nailing the landing. I miss that perfect mastery of my body. Running is good, but it isn't the same. Gymnastics demands all of your attention, every second. What does happen to a dream deferred? I don't think it does dry up like a rai…