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2nd Ride

I was so excited to go for my first outside bike ride of the year back in early March. I figured that I'd get a nice long riding season in if I started that early.

And then I didn't ride again until today! Almost a month and a half later! Whoops!

After having a mild winter, we had a cold, nasty spring. Then in the couple weeks since it finally warmed up, it has been insanely windy. I hate biking in the wind! It makes me so frustrated!

Even though it was windy today, I decided enough was enough and I was getting out there. What was the point in paying a lot of $$ to get my bike tuned up, if I am never going to ride it?

I'm so glad I did. It was windy, but it was also super sunny. It was so much nicer being out in the air than cooped up inside the gym.

How many times have you been out on your bike?

Dealing with Plantar Fasciitis

Five years ago I had terrible plantar fasciitis. It was bad.  I went to three different doctors, tried a lot of things, and endured a lot of pain before I finally cured it. To save you some suffering here is what I did to cure it:

1) Sleeping in a boot.
Basically when you sleep, you point your foot, and yyou plantar fascia shortens and tightens. Then when you go to stand up in the morning, you suddenly lengthen it, creating small tears and inflammation (and pain). The boot keeps your foot dorsiflexed all night, thus keeping the plantar fascia lengthened. I won't lie- the boot sucked. It was hard to sleep in, I kicked myself in the other shin all the time, and the velcro straps ruined so many of my sheets. I had to sleep in the boot for a solid 6 months, but it really made a difference. Not having terrible plain when I first stood up was a sign that I was healing.

2) Getting orthotics
The third doctor finally told me that the root of my problem was my high arches. My arch wasn't …

Mother's Day Partner Yoga

My Mom and I had the most fun Mother's Day yesterday I think we've ever had. I signed us up for a partner yoga class at my favorite local studio, The Beathing Room.

We started off sitting back to back and did a series of arm movement and twists and then moved on to a series of forward folds and back bends. It was amazing how having the support and weight of another person make every pose so much deeper and stronger. My chest and back felt so open when we left!

Then we moved on to the fun stuff- partner acro yoga! The instructors did a great job breaking down the poses, helping with proper form, and providing different options.

It was a small class so there was a lot of conversation and a lot of laughter, especially as we toppled over and crashed into each other. My stomach actually hurt from laughing so hard,

I am so lucky to have such a fun, adventurous Mom who will try these crazy things with me.

How was your Mother's Day?

Finishing Strong

Do any of you read Kristin Armstrong's column, Mile Markers, on Runner's World. com? I love it. She has such great insights and it feels like the topic she chooses each week is so relevant to my life at that moment. This week is no exception. The column is about Finishing Strong: both in running and in life.

Next week is finals and then I get a whopping weekend off before I start summer classes the next Monday. No rest for the weary. But the summer is my last semester, I'll graduate nursing school in August.

I'm tired, physically and mentally. My head feels full. I'm trying to study for my finals and I'm already getting homework for the next semester. It just feels like too much. I  want to crawl into bed and sleep for a week.

Kristin Armstrong reminded me that I always feel this way at the end of a marathon.

"The final stretch of a marathon can be epic. Sometimes you can see the finish line, sometimes not. Either way, it’s close enough to taste but far eno…