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What's Next?

The plan was to wait a little while after our wedding to take a honeymoon. We really want to go to New Zealand, both because it looks amazing and so I can run a marathon there as a part of my 7 continent quest.

Once the wedding was over, I started to look at races. The most appealing race to me was the Auckland Marathon, which is November 2nd.

The wheels in my head started turning. Could I be ready for a marathon by November 2nd?

I made a tentative training plan and went out for a trial 10 miler on Sunday. Physically, I was fine. I made it through the run. But mentally, my head was just not in the game. Time just seemed to crawl and all I wanted was to be done. It made me come to an important realization.

I don't want to run a marathon this fall. In fact, I'm feeling like I don't ever want to run a full marathon again. 

I tried to motivate myself by saying that I have already done 5 continents. I only have 2 left. Just 2 more marathons and I will have achieved my goal.


Wedding Recap 4: Our Wedding Night at the Cuckolds Lighthouse

My Mom and Gerry gave us the most amazing wedding gift ever: the chance to spend our wedding night at the Inn at Cuckolds Lighthouse. 

After all the chaos of the wedding, it was such a gift to get a quiet night to ourselves, especially in such a beautiful place!

First built in 1892, the Cuckolds Lighthouse sits outside Cape Newagen Harbor helping boaters safely navigate the westerly edge of the channel into Boothbay Harbor. It holds a special place in my heart because I remember seeing the light sweep through my bedroom as a child; I thought of it as my own personal night light. 

When the lighthouse was automated in the mid 1970's, the keeper's quarter and boathouse were torn down, leaving only the light tower and foghorn. In the early 2000's the government threatened to tear down those too and replace them with only a light pole. 

A group of local citizens decided they couldn't let this happen and formed the Cuckolds Fog Signal and Light Station Council. Through The Nati…

Wedding Recap 3: The Reception

As soon as the ceremony was over, it was party time! We had done our pictures before the ceremony because we wanted to be able to enjoy the cocktail hour with our guests. 
The Back River Fiddlers led the guests up the hill to the reception site with a tune, Pied Piper style.

Most people headed straight to get a drink!  We had a dingy (that's a little boat for all you non Mainers) filled to the brim with beer, white wine, and prosecco. Next to the dingy was a table with red wine, water, soda and signature cocktails. Rory's drink was a Cape Newagener (vodka cranberry) and mine was a Maine Summer (blueberry vodka, club soda, and pineapple juice). Guests could put their drink of choice into a lovely turquoise blue mason jar.

There were lawn games scattered around the yard (including this lovely homemade corn hole set) so people had something fun to do as they wandered the yard and socialized. My Mom put so much hard work into getting the yard ready and it showed. Her flowers look…

Wedding Recap 2: Preparations and the Ceremony

I woke up on Saturday with this surreal feeling: after all the expectation and preparation, it was finally my wedding day! I started my day in the best way possible, I got to go for a run with my college friend Jen. It was a great way to calm down and catch up with an old friend. After my run, I gathered everyone and taught a yoga class.

Even though I felt like I had a million and half things to do, I knew it was important to take that time for myself at the beginning of the day. After running and yoga, I felt relaxed, full of joy, and ready to tackle preparations. 
It was a busy morning! We had to get the reception site, ceremony site, and food/drink ready to go. Luckily, I have amazing friends and family! People volunteered to do everything from ironing all the tablecloths, to fetching ice, chopping veggies. 
I waited until noon to have my hair done because I didn't want to ruin it before the ceremony even started. Until that point I had running around like a maniac, trying to c…

Wedding Recap: Set-up and Rehearsal

Hi Friends! I'm MARRIED. It still feels so strange to say that! It was a whirlwind few days, full of a lot of work and some stress, but also an incredible amount of fun and love. 
I had at my wedding at my favorite place in the world, at my family's house in Cape Newagen on Southport Island, Maine. Having it at our own house was incredibly meaningful, but also a real challenge because we had to bring in everything.

Friday, the day before the wedding, was full of preparation. The tent had been delivered the day before, but we had to assemble and arrange all the chairs and tables. My Mom had done a lot of work to level out her field, but the yard is just solid ledge, so getting the tables level and not tippy was not an easy task.

We also had a lot of food to prepare, most of which needed to needed to be refrigerated. There was no way all the wedding food, plus the food to feed our friends and family all weekend, was going to fit in my Mom's fridge. Luckily, our neighbors op…

I am Getting Married in 4 Days!

Hi Friends!

Just popping in quickly to say that I am still alive, but that I am being totally consumed by wedding preparations. I am still running and biking, and thank god for those, because it is the only time all day people aren't asking me questions and asking me to help with things!

I'll leave you with a little teaser.....

Be back sometime next week as a married woman!

Heart Rate Monitor

When I was deciding what watch I wanted to get to replace my ancient Garmin 405, an important consideration was that I really wanted a heart rate monitor. I ended up getting the Garmin 220 and buying the heart rate monitor separately.

I absolutely love the 220. It is light, comfortable, and finds a signal immediately. The side navigation buttons work so much better than the stupid touch screen on the 405 and it is super easy to sync with my computer. Basically I am in love with this watch.

What I am not in love with is the heart rate monitor.

It chafes. During my hot, sweaty, summer runs I end up with a painful chafing from the strap. I have the new supposedly more comfortable strap, but I am still chafing. Ouch!

2. It is demoralizing seeing my true calorie burn. This morning I biked 25.21 miles in 1:36. When I put the time and pace into My Fitness Pal it said I burned 957 calories. My Training Peaks said 919. My Garmin said 647. In the long run I know it is better to have the accurat…

A Run with Meb

Oh you know, I had a totally normal Sunday. I just went for a run with this guy. 

Yes, that is Meb. We are basically BFF's now. Just kidding. Even with him injured and running a super easy pace, I couldn't keep up. But he did high five me at the end of his run. 
Meb was in Maine for the weekend for the Beach to Beacon 10k, so this morning Maine Running Company organized a fun run and picture session. I almost didn't go because I had a super busy weekend and I wanted to go to my favorite boot-camp class before they close the gym for a week for renovations. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to run with Meb though. So, already and sweaty and tired from bootcamp, I headed over to meet Meb. 
He was just amazing. I am sure he has been told the story of this year's Boston Marathon a million times by now, but he managed to make it sound so inspirational and meaningful that I felt he was telling it for the first time.I got goose-bumps. After racing hard yesterday, he…

Bye Bye for Now

I am getting married in just 2 weeks! While I refuse to starve myself and don't feel like I need to be super skinny, I do want to feel healthy and happy on my wedding day.

So I have decided to swear off two of my best friends until the wedding: cake and ice cream.

I generally eat pretty healthily, but believe that life is also about moderation and pleasure. Unfortunately when it comes to cake (frosting really) and ice cream I can't seem to be moderate.

I probably have ice cream at least 5 days a week. With my activity level that would be totally fine if I stuck to a single serving. But I don't. I have one bowl, and then go back for another, and sometimes another one after that. Moderation fail.

I've been working out really, really hard. In fact, I am so sore from my personal training session yesterday that I had to slide down the stairs on my butt this morning. This is something that I usually have to do the day after a marathon. It's silly to sabotage all that har…