Wedding Recap 2: Preparations and the Ceremony

I woke up on Saturday with this surreal feeling: after all the expectation and preparation, it was finally my wedding day! I started my day in the best way possible, I got to go for a run with my college friend Jen. It was a great way to calm down and catch up with an old friend. After my run, I gathered everyone and taught a yoga class.

Even though I felt like I had a million and half things to do, I knew it was important to take that time for myself at the beginning of the day. After running and yoga, I felt relaxed, full of joy, and ready to tackle preparations. 

It was a busy morning! We had to get the reception site, ceremony site, and food/drink ready to go. Luckily, I have amazing friends and family! People volunteered to do everything from ironing all the tablecloths, to fetching ice, chopping veggies. 

I waited until noon to have my hair done because I didn't want to ruin it before the ceremony even started. Until that point I had running around like a maniac, trying to check in with everyone on every detail. But, once I sat down and started my hair I let it all go. I just trusted that everything would turn out well!

After my hair and make-up, it was time to get in my dress. I was so excited for that moment because then I'd be a real bride!

Once I was in my dress, I felt like time started to absolutely fly. We decided to do our pictures before the wedding, so first up was our first look. Rory stood down by the water and I walked up behind him. Once I was there, he turned around. It was an amazing moment when we remembered exactly how much we love each other. 

After pictures, we hid back inside the boathouse as guests started arriving. I had a little something to take the edge off (thank you to my MOH for the adorable flask). 

Our flowers also arrived. The Boothbay Region Greenhouses did our flowers and they did an amazing job. I know nothing about flowers, so I just said I wanted something "oceany." They were beautiful!

The ceremony site turned out amazing as well. My family did such a good job making my vision a reality. We left some of our normal nautical decor up, such as our lobster buoy tree. Our neighbor even hung a lifeguard buoy to reassure Rory just in case our float did sink!

It was just what I wanted- simple, elegant, and ocean inspired.

When the music started, I got butterflies in my stomach. The music was particularly special, because it was provided by my Mom's band, The Back River Fiddlers. We processed to Cannon in D and they played it so beautifully.

I heard a round of laughter as the dogs walked down the aisle in their flower girl tutus (Dixie was afraid of the crowd and had to be carried)

Finally it was time for me to make my appearance! My Dad escorted me to the top of the ramp, where I met Rory.

I am proud to say that the floating ceremony went off without a hitch! It was a little windier and wavier than during the rehearsal, but we didn't sink, no one fell in, and we didn't drop the rings in the water! We wrote the ceremony ourselves (for the full text click here) and I thought it was lovely. We chose to write our own pre vow thoughts to share with each other and I was proud of myself for getting through both his and mine without sobbing! Before I knew it, we were kissing and it was all over. We were married!

I recessed off the float first, and I remembered, this time, to wait for Rory. During the rehearsal I forgot both times!

Presenting Kiersten and Rory!


  1. Aww! Congrats! I love your dress and the decorations! They did a superb job with the flowers, and I like the teal-ish laterns :)

    I gave my snister a phone cover with that pattern on your flask! She has a thing for anchors :)

  2. Congratulations on your wedding! You look absolutely gorgeous on your wedding gown. I like the idea of having to walk down the aisle, which is a bridge, onto a floating ramp by the water. It looks really romantic and special. Anyway, thanks for sharing the pictures! I wish you all the happiness in the world!

    Matt Fisher @ Nomad Events


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