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Another Mother Runner

I do more than half of my runs by myself, without the stroller, so I still tend to think of my runner identity separate from my Mom identity. However there have been several instances lately where I realized that I definitely am a mother runner.
-When Cooper decided 3 miles away from home that he was tired of being in the stroller. The only way to keep him happy was to sing Old MacDonald as loudly as I could in a funny voice. On a very crowded path on a Sunday morning. We got a lot of funny looks. 
-When I spent a whole run watching my watch obsessively, not because I cared about my pace but because I wanted to make sure I was on my phone to sign Cooper up for swim lessons at exactly 7am (they fill up really quickly).
-The fact that I smell like maple syrup when I sweat because I am taking Fenugreek to help with my milk supply. I come back from every run wanting pancakes. 
-When I wore 2 head lamps and carried a flashlight on my early morning run so that I could see well enough to sc…