Girls on The Run

Hello! I'm taking a quick break from my endless homework in this last semester to to share my experiences from my second season of coaching Girls on the Run. 

I initially wasn't going to coach again this spring because I thought I would be too busy, but I am so glad I decided to go for it anyway! I always left practice feeling inspired and with more energy than I went in with. 

This was a more challenging season than last year. We dealt with many of the issues in the curriculum at each practice: gossip, bullying, and negative self talk. 

But the wonderful thing about the Girls on the Run curriculum is that it provided me with a way to directly address these issues at practice. We were able to have an open dialogue about the problems and provide the girls with tool so that they learned how to resolve them.

I saw such growth in my girls over the season. They went from being shy and full of doubt to being boisterous and confident. 

The final 5k on Sunday was such a wonderful celebration of Girl Power! There were all kinds of fun clothes, spray painted hair, and face paint. During the event, there was as much skipping, laughing, and dancing as running. It is a reminder to me why I run: because it is fun to move my body. 

I'll end with the cheer that we ended every practice with "Girls on the Run is so much fun!"


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