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Cumberland County Fair

I am a total nerd when it comes to fairs and festivals. I love them. So I said yes right away when R's sister asked if we wanted to meet them at the Cumberland County Fair Thursday night. I hadn't been to the Cumberland County Fair in years.

We did it all.

It was all you ride for $15 night. So we hit up the rides first (figured it would be wise to ride before we ate). We did basically every adult ride there was. High-up, upside down, spinning around in crazy circles, even a very competitive stint on the bumper cars. I was relieved that I had a blast on the rides, because at the Yarmouth Clam Festival earlier this summer I thought I might be losing my ride mojo because I could barely walk after the Zipper.

After a solid hour and half of rides we were ready for food. However we got distracted by pig races. The pigs were supposed to race to their owners- the first pig to take a treat from its owner was the winner. It was a riot, the pigs went everywhere but to the kids holding the …

Happy Anniversary to me and my house

A year ago I bought a house. 

It was definitely the biggest financial commitment I'd ever made and represented a major life change. After spending the 5 years after college renting in Boston and living with roommates, I was moving back to Maine and living alone. But, it all felt so right that I knew it was the right decision. 

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE being back in Maine. I mean, I can see this every day of my life.

And it has been wonderful to reconnect with old friends. There is something special about a friend who has known you since you were a dorky kid.

And, I have learned so much about owning a house. I have constantly amazed myself with the things I learned to do.

I think it was taking this huge leap and doing what I really wanted to do, and making myself happy first, that put me in a position where I was really, finally, ready for a real relationship. It's been a pretty sweet year. May the next be even better!

Running in Silence

I think I am cursed when it comes to ipods. Remember that new ipod I got just a few weeks ago? Well I went to turn it on Tuesday night and got the screen of death. Now it won't turn on at all. Booo.

At first I had a minor freakout. Then I started to think. If the most import thing to have on my run is something to distract me from the fact that I am running, then maybe I have lost track of what is important. Maybe this was a sign that I need to reconnect with running.

I decided to try out some new trails, Robinson Woods. Good decision. I was so busy watching my feet that I didn't get bored. It was a glorious fall day- cool and sunny. There was something magic in the wood, and I would not have wanted to ruin it by blasting my music. I had just the sound of my breath and footsteps.

This is why I don't procrastinate

I do not usually procrastinate. I was that annoying person in college who had my papers written weeks ahead of time. When I am leaving for a trip I liked to pack 2 days ahead. This usually hold true for signing up for races too. Except that because of all the change at work, I had no idea what my schedule would be like this fall. So I put off signing up for the Maine Marathon (I wanted to do the half). This weekend I finally knew for sure that I'd be around to run it and went to register. Only to see this:


Someone asked me this morning how I was. Normally, I pretty much always say, "Okay thanks, how are you?" Today though I responded, "I am exhausted."

And I am. It just hit me.

It makes sense, I basically I haven't gotten a good night's sleep since last Wednesday. That's a solid week without good sleep for those of you who can't do math.

Last Thursday-Satruday night I was doing Reach the Beach. Total blast, but not a lot of sleep.

Monday morning I had a very early flight, so I was up at 2:45 to run. I landed in California at noon and powered through meetings until 7 at night. Yeah that was a long ass day.

Tuesday-Thursday I was in California. I was up at 4:45 am every morning to hit the gym and then busy with work stuff until 7 or 8 at night. Monday and Tuesday night I actually got into bed by a decent hour but sleep just wasn't happening. The hotel was loud and the time difference was messing me up.

Thursday night I was supposed to take a red eye to Ne…

About that travel thing……

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