About that travel thing……

About that travel thing……

So remember how a few weeks ago I was all sure that accepting a new position where I didn’t travel was the right thing to do? 

Yeah, I’m not so sure about that now. It is really hard to get used to having rigid, set hours, working 5 days a week, and doing a lot of redundant tasks. And I get pretty darn bored with myself being alone in my house all day. I know, wah, wah poor me. It is a job after-all. If it were my only option, I’d be fine with it. 

But, it looks like I may have options. I got a last minute request late last week to come to California this week to consult on the new regionalization project. Due to budget issues, it looks like they may end up being more flexible with remote work, so I wouldn’t have to travel every week. So now they are trying to get me back on the project. The work is so much more interesting. Plus, it is like a reunion. These are all the people I’ve been working closely with for 2 years and I have formed some great friendships. I forgot about the good parts of travel. The mushroom, spinach, and egg white omelet being delivered to my room with a giant pot of coffee in the morning. The long dinners with co-workers at amazing restaurants that I don’t have to pay for. Walking outside in the warm sunshine when you know it is pouring, freezing, and windy at home.

So now I am totally torn. I know that being home more is really important to keeping my relationship moving forward, which is really important to me. But, I also want work that I enjoy and find fulfilling. I know myself, and I have a short attention span. I get bored easily. Maybe I need the constant stimulation of travel?
The hardest part of the situation is that it is basically out of my hands. My new manager doesn’t want to let me go, but the project really wants me. So they are fighting over me and all I can do is wait and see what fate they decide for me.