Cumberland County Fair

I am a total nerd when it comes to fairs and festivals. I love them. So I said yes right away when R's sister asked if we wanted to meet them at the Cumberland County Fair Thursday night. I hadn't been to the Cumberland County Fair in years.

We did it all.

It was all you ride for $15 night. So we hit up the rides first (figured it would be wise to ride before we ate). We did basically every adult ride there was. High-up, upside down, spinning around in crazy circles, even a very competitive stint on the bumper cars. I was relieved that I had a blast on the rides, because at the Yarmouth Clam Festival earlier this summer I thought I might be losing my ride mojo because I could barely walk after the Zipper.

After a solid hour and half of rides we were ready for food. However we got distracted by pig races. The pigs were supposed to race to their owners- the first pig to take a treat from its owner was the winner. It was a riot, the pigs went everywhere but to the kids holding the treats.

Between the 4 of us, we ate a ton of food. The boys had turkey legs, Erica had a burger, I had a chicken gyro, then we split giant tubs of hand cut onion rings and french fries. Somehow, we also had room for dessert. I got amazing hot apple crisp with maple pecan ice cream and everyone else got fried dough. It was getting cold fast, so we all shared some hot cider to warm up. I heart fair food.

We wandered through the midway where R won a sweet stuffed bulldog. Unfortunately, the dog started leaking it's stuffing after about 5 minutes. Then, since it was an agricultural fair, we had to check out the animals. The poor sheep had just been sheared, so they had on funny little coats and hats to stay warm.

The pigs were all snuggled up to keep warm.

We ended the night with a ride on the ferris wheel. I am not usually a fan, but it was really pretty at night with all the lights.

And of course when you have a nice warm body to cuddle up to. It was cold at the top!

On our way out we passed the giant pumpkins. They were enormous- like more than 100 pounds. They made awesome jack-o-lanterns.

Hooray for the fair. It really put me in the fall mindset.Would it be over-kill to go to the Fryeburg Fair next week?

What are your fall rituals?


  1. So much fun! Every year we hit the pumpkin patch. And get cider donuts and kettle corn. Love it! Awesome pumpkin!


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