Labor Day Islesboro Trip Part 2

Monday morning I woke up early, since we'd gone to by 9 pm! I decided to go for a run before everyone else got up. It was another glorious run where I was just so happy to be out moving that the time flew by.

When I got back Gerry had a roaring fire going and water heating for hot chocolate. Mmmm there is just something magical about a hot drink around a fire in the morning. We wanted to get an early start because the wind and seas tend to pick up as, but the tide was not cooperating. It was dead low. There was an awful lot of mud flat between us and our boat.

Cousin Rob to the rescue! He drove Gerry, R, and all our crap to the town dock while my Mom and I schlepped the zodiak out over the mud to the boat. Typical men, leaving the women to do the hard work! Just kidding, we volunteered, since we are the lightest we figured we would get less mired in the mud. We got mired enough to completely ruin my sneakers though, they were totally caked in thick, smelly mud. MMMMM.

Once we had the men and the gear loaded we set off again. The clouds of the early morning had dissipated, leaving us with with beautiful day.
The sun was bright and again the water was amazingly smooth. We decided to take a longer route home and do some exploring. We headed through the Fox Island thoroughfare and went out around North Haven  and Vinalhaven. It was spectacular. For awhile we had 8 seals swimming right around our boat. We saw a lot of harbor porpoise too.

We found a place to tie up on North Haven and R and I went in search off coffee and bathrooms. We didn't find coffee, but we found a great little cafe and decided it would be a good chance to get lunch. It was good food- not your typical fried seafood fish shack. I got a black bean burger topped with pineapple sauce, local microgreens, and green goddess dressing on a fresh roll. Yum-o! We basked in the sun on the boat and enjoyed our lunch before setting off again.

Gerry wanted to visit his step-brother on the way back, so our next stop was Whitehead Island. While Gerry visited, R and I explored the lighthouse. Besides almost getting mauled by an unfriendly dog, it was interesting. The Whitehead light was the 7th lighthouse ever commissioned in the US and was built in 1803!

Our last stop of the day was in Tenant's Harbor for fuel where my Mom's college friend owns a restaurant and fuel dock, Cod's End.  We couldn't resist getting a piece of their famous pie while we were there.

Raspberry peach and wild Maine blueberry topped with fresh blueberry ice cream. Holy Moly! It put me into a pie coma.

The last hour home was just a little rough. Standing up in a moving boat on moderate seas counts as a core workout right?

We finally pulled back into Cape Newagen Harbor in the late afternoon. I felt as if we'd been gone for a week since we pack in so much activity! It was a great, great trip, even with the rain. I feel so amazingly blessed to live in such an amazing place, have such amazing family, and finally be in a relationship that makes me happier than any relationship I've ever been in. Life is good.