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10 Things You Need to Know Before Marrying a Runner-Girl

I am getting married in a little over 2 months (EEK!). Of course all relationships require a little adjusting, but I think being in a relationship with a runner requires a little extra adjustment. Runners are a special breed! Here are 10 things that anyone considering marrying a runner should know!

1. She will get very sweaty and very smelly. Don't comment on this (and no nose wrinkles either!). Give her a big hug when she finishes a race anyway. 

2. Her feet probably won't be pretty. They will be bloody, blistered, bruised, and callused. You are obligated to rub them anyway. 

3. She will have an insane number of shoes and continue to get more. Not only will she have the heels, wedges, flats, etc that every woman has, but she will also need trainers, trail shoes, racing flats, etc. Just plan to give her most of the shoe storage in the closet and don't look at her credit card bill. 

4. She will eat a lot. A LOT. Don't comment when she eats twice as much as you do. Just have…

Memorial Day on Mt. Desert Island

After my fun Craft Beer Race Saturday, I was ready for more fun. Sunday morning Breezy and I headed out on a mini girls road trip to Mt. Desert Island. Maine is such a big state, filled with so many beautiful things to see, and sometimes I don't take advantage. Mt. Desert is home to Acadia National Park and the cute town of Bar Harbor.

We filled 2 days to the brim with nature, locally made beer/wine, yummy food, and fun! And we found a hotel that cost $36 so it was cheap too!

1. The view from the top of Cadillac Mountain
2. Along Otter Cliffs in Acadia
3. Pulled pork and blueberry beer at Atlantic Brewing Company
4. Bass Harbor Head Light
5. Thunder Hole in Acadia
6. Strawberry rhubarb margaritas at Side Street Cafe

How was your long weekend?

That time I ran the Craft Brew Race and almost got a St. Bernard

R came home from work at 7 am this morning and woke me up to let me know that the Animal Refuge League had a St. Bernard up for adoption. We weren't really thinking of getting a new dog soon, but I LOVE big, fluffy, drooly dogs and it is really rare that they are available at the shelter. So after my metabolic conditioning class, we headed to the ARL.

We were first in line to meet Penny. She was the sweetest more gentle dog, but we ultimately decided she just wasn't right for us. She has a lot of health problems, the meet and greet with our current dog didn't go that well, and she made my allergies crazy. It was hard to walk away but there was already a line of people waiting to see her next, so I know she will go to a good home!

I dropped R off to finally get some sleep and headed off to my next adventure- the Portland Maine Craft Brew Race. This is a new series that combines a 5k with a beer fest.

I convinced my best friend Breezy to do it with me. She isn't a runner…

Help Me Runner Friends

Okay runner friends, I need some recommendations. I need to change up a couple of my running accessories.

Sadly after many years (6? 8?) my beloved Garmin 405 is starting to die. The battery only lasts about 2 hours, so during marathon training it couldn't make it through all the way through my long runs. Plus getting it in exactly the right position on the charger so it actually charges takes about 10 minutes and I get so frustrated.

So, I need a new watch!

I've seen the Garmin 210 with a heart rate monitor for less than $150. I have always wanted a heart rate monitor and this watch looks like it has most everything I need. All I really use is basic pace/distance, laps, and intervals.

Any feedback on this watch? Or any other watches that you love?

The second thing is sunscreen. Now that I'm about to turn 30, I'm starting to notice all these lines and wrinkles starting on my face. It's probably time to get with it and start wearing sunscreen when I run. I am pretty d…

Pure LYFT {Product Review}

Do you eat or drink anything before your morning workouts? 
For early morning workouts, I've found that I can't eat or I feel sick but I definitely notice that I feel better and perform better if I've had some coffee. However, I also like to maximize my sleep time and stay in bed until the last minute. I don't want to wake up 15 minutes earlier to make coffee and drink a mug before heading out. Plus, if I make the coffee before I run the leftovers taste all burned and gross by the time I drink my post-run coffee. (Yep I am one of those people when it comes to my coffee). 
So I was intrigued when I had a chance to try Pure LYFT, which are all natural caffeine sticks. I tend to stay clear of energy drinks or other caffeine products because they tend to contain a lot of sugar and scary chemicals. But, Pure LYFT looked pretty clean: the caffeine comes from natural green coffee bean extract, it has vitamins A and B, no artificial flavors, sweeteners or preservatives, and no c…

Tri for thr Y 2014 Race Recap

Sunday was my third year competing in the Tri for the Y and the lesson I learned is not to get too overconfident and not pay attention to race prep! Friday and Saturday were busy days, so right before bed Saturday night I finally, and quickly, tossed all my race gear in a bag and put my bike on my car. Sunday morning I woke up and saw sun, figured the weather man had been wrong again, and didn't bring any of my colder weather gear.

I got to the race about an hour and half before the start and quickly realized that I had forgotten my race belt. I debated between swimming in my race number and swimming in just my sports bra and trying to put on my tank (with attached race number) after the swim.I ended up just holding it during the run. Gah! I hate forgetting things!

I also realized that it was quickly clouding up and the temperate was dropping. I was freezing and was going to be even more freezing when I hopped on my bike freezing wet.

The start of this race is always a little anti…

Living Aparigraha

Isn't it funny how we seem to come across new things in life just as we need them? 

As part of my yoga teacher training I've been studying the 5 yamas, which are basically the ethical rules within yoga. One of the yamas is Aparigraha, which encourages us to only take what is necessary and not hoard.

Makes sense, but like all things it is so much harder in practice than in theory. 

Although the fiance moved in a year ago, his house is just selling now. So, we are just now having to deal with getting the rest of his stuff out of his house and making room for it in my (which is now our) house. 

He tends to really cling to things because he has attached to them emotionally. I was trying to reason with him and convince him to get rid of things and was getting frustrated when he didn't want to let go of things. 

And then I realized that I was doing the same thing! The reason there wasn't room for his stuff in my house is because I have too much of my own stuff!!

I talked about t…

Fuel Your Better: Vega Sport Recovery

I know it is important to take in some post exercise nutrition within 30 minutes of completing a workout in order to help your body recover. In fact I recently read an article (which naturally I now can't find for the life of me) that this 30 minute window is even more important in women. 

However, this is real life and that pretty much never happens for me. I have to drive home from the gym or the trail, stretch, check my phone, shower, get dressed, make coffee, check in with R, let the dog out, etc. Next thing you know it's been an hour or more and I still haven't had a thing to eat or drink. 

So, when Vega Sport offered to let me try their Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator, I jumped at the chance. 

I like that the Recovery Accelerator is all natural and plant-based. Plus it is designed to address all six key elements of post-workout recovery: muscle glycogen replenishment, muscle tissue repair and protein synthesis, hormonal support, soft-tissue repair, immune system suppor…

The Saga of the First Ride

I've been putting off riding my road bike outside this spring because it has been so cold, dreary, and windy. But my first tri of the year is next weekend, so there is no avoiding any longer.

I should have gone out earlier this week when it was sunny and beautiful. Instead I chose to wait until today when it is cold and windy and I already did an hour of personal training that smoked my legs.

When I got my bike out yesterday and got it ready to ride, I noticed that the battery on my Cat Eye (the little computer thing that measures pace and distance) was dead. I got a new battery and then wasted an hour trying to get the unit to recognize the sensor. No luck.

I got back from training, chugged some coffee, ate some Kashi, and bundled up to go. The Cat Eye still wasn't working, so I brought my Garmin. About 2 miles into the ride, I hit a bump and the whole Cat Eye went flying off my bike. I saw it bounce on the road and then disappear into the grass. Apparently I hadn't re-at…

Out with the Old?

A few times at the gym lately I've said "boy someone stinks," only to realize later that that someone was me. 
I've also started running and wondered if I forgot to put on a sports bra because I felt like I was bouncing all over the place. Yet, when I checked, I did have one on. 
Both are signs that it is time to clean out my workout clothes and throw some away. 
I try to baby them- I was them with sports wash and never put them in the dryer. But still, after heavy use for a few years they get saggy and smelly. 
I have so many, I really didn't think it would be that hard. This is my bin of tanks...

And my shelf of tees and long sleeve tees......

And yet, out of all those I wanted to keep them all! They remind me of specific races or workouts or people. 
Finally though, I told myself I didn't want to be the smelly one with a saggy chest, and managed to cull some out for the trash pile (Goodwill wouldn't want these, they are so gross). Plus, I motivated mys…

Super Saturday

Yesterday was a day filled with fun from start to finish. 
I started my day, like I start most Saturdays, at metabolic conditioning class at the gym. We had a sub and she absolutely kicked my butt. But, she did it with such energy and awesome music that I was smiling the whole time. I left class with my legs shaking with fatigue, so I wasn't sure how the track workout I had planned was going to go. I did 4 x 400 and 4 x 200 and I was shocked to keep looking down and seeing a 6:xx min/mile pace on my 400's. For this slow girl, that is flying!
Once, I had the healthy part of my day done, it was time for fun. First up, Street Eats and Beats.

This is a new festival that combines local beer, local food trucks, and local music. It was a gorgeous sunny day, so it was so nice to be outside by the water listening to music and drinking beer. We made the rounds to all the trucks before we decided, and ultimately couldn't pass up the tater tot truck. Tater tots are one of those thing…

Three Things (I'm Loving and Not) Thursday

Yikes, how is it Thursday already? This week went so fast! For Three Things Thursday today, I'm going to share 3 things I'm loving lately, and 2 things that I am not loving.

Things I'm Loving

1. Trader Joe's Spinach and Kale Greek Yogurt Dip. I discovered this a month ago and I've been going through a tub a week. It is so good and just 30 calories! I like to warm it up so it tastes like hot spinach artichoke dip and have it on a rice cake.

2. My yoga streak. I've made it to a yoga class 4 days in a row. Even better I only had to pay for 1! Lululemon did a free class last night, and my favorite studio, The Breathing Room, is offering free classes taught by the recent graduates of the their teacher training program. 
3. My running shoes. I've been wearing these Asics Gel Cumulus 17's for 4 months and they are one of my favorite shoes ever. I love the color and the feel. They are starting to wear down, but I just don't want to give them up!

Things I am N…