Tri for thr Y 2014 Race Recap

Sunday was my third year competing in the Tri for the Y and the lesson I learned is not to get too overconfident and not pay attention to race prep! Friday and Saturday were busy days, so right before bed Saturday night I finally, and quickly, tossed all my race gear in a bag and put my bike on my car. Sunday morning I woke up and saw sun, figured the weather man had been wrong again, and didn't bring any of my colder weather gear.

I got to the race about an hour and half before the start and quickly realized that I had forgotten my race belt. I debated between swimming in my race number and swimming in just my sports bra and trying to put on my tank (with attached race number) after the swim.I ended up just holding it during the run. Gah! I hate forgetting things!
Whomp whomp. No race belt.

I also realized that it was quickly clouding up and the temperate was dropping. I was freezing and was going to be even more freezing when I hopped on my bike freezing wet.

Those bits of blue sky quickly disappeared.
The start of this race is always a little anti-climactic: because this is a pool swim, the start is in waves. They mix up the order every year and unfortunately this year, my wave was second from last. So, I sat around for an hour and 20 before I even got to start! Once I was in the pool though, I felt the best I've ever felt during a swim. I didn't go out too fast and felt strong the whole time. I realized at one point that I was actually having fun during a swim! Look up in the sky for flying pigs.... I also had my best time, finishing in 6:34.

Wave 1 getting ready
I was the first one out of the water in my wave and headed out to the transition. It was a little disheartening to see people finishing the race when I still had 2 legs to go. We were notified on race morning that the bike course had changed due to a sewer main break. The new route was 2 loops for about 12 miles. The first 2 miles on the bike were not fun. It was on route 1 (so there was traffic), there was a strong headwind, and it was mostly a gradual uphill. Plus, I was all alone out there. Once we turned off route 1, we went up a shortish, steep hill and then had a really nice 2 mile section that was either downhill or flat. With the wind at my back I was flying. The final  2ish miles had more rolling hills and some wind. Initially I was a little bummed they shortened the bike, since that is typically my favorite part. But in the end, I didn't mind since I just wasn't feeling the bike Sunday.

After a quick T2 (love my pull chord laces on my Asics Tri Noosas!), I headed out for the run. The run is an out and back, with one tangent where they send us straight up a big hill and then right back down. Last year, we tackled the hill on the way out so it was around mile 1. This year they saved it for the end- so mean! I didn't have my Garmin, and I was mostly alone, so I was running blind. I felt okay, but not fantastic, so I just tried to keep my feet moving. Last year, I was in a pack coming into the finish so I really pushed it. This year I was alone and they were already doing awards as I came into the finish so no one was even cheering so I just let myself coast in. I finished in 25 something minutes. Also, I'm not sure what the deal with the medals was. Some people seemed to get them, but I didn't!

Finished and happy, but lacking a medal. 

This wasn't my best experience at this race, but I still enjoyed it. It is always an interesting mix of competitors. There aren't that many triathlons in Maine, so the hard core athletes show up at all of them. I saw a lot of Ironman tattoos and fancy, tricked out bikes. But, there are also a lot of first time triathaletes and everyone is so supportive. In the first swim wave, there was a woman who was really struggling. After her first lap, she stopped and you could see her gasping and that her whole body was shaking. The Y aquatics director gave her a pep talking and as she started swimming again everyone in the room started cheering and clapping for her. Nearly every person I passed, or who passed me, said something encouraging.

Since I turn 30 this year, this was my first race in the 30 year old age group. Since this age group is so competitive, I didn't expect to place. My finish time was good for 6th in my age group and 21st woman overall, which is pretty darn solid.

Out there for the whole world to see!!
The post race food this year was also really good. No stale bagels and bananas here. They had a full on lunch!

chicken and watermelon and salad and cookies.... oh my!

Do you race this weekend? How did it go? What do you do when you forget something for a race?


  1. Great job! Those are fantastic times - especially with the hills. It is cruel to move it to the end of the 5K course!

    Time to leave a bib belt in the car? The person I did my duathlon with (well, rode with) forgot their belt and was freaking out. Sounds like an important thing to have!

    I would be bummed not to get a participation medal! Interestingly, this is not the first time I have heard of the Y shorting them, though.

    I did race! It went decent! Hee hee :)

    1. Oh, sorry. I meant to ask - what are the Noosas like?


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