The Saga of the First Ride

I've been putting off riding my road bike outside this spring because it has been so cold, dreary, and windy. But my first tri of the year is next weekend, so there is no avoiding any longer.

I should have gone out earlier this week when it was sunny and beautiful. Instead I chose to wait until today when it is cold and windy and I already did an hour of personal training that smoked my legs.

When I got my bike out yesterday and got it ready to ride, I noticed that the battery on my Cat Eye (the little computer thing that measures pace and distance) was dead. I got a new battery and then wasted an hour trying to get the unit to recognize the sensor. No luck.

I got back from training, chugged some coffee, ate some Kashi, and bundled up to go. The Cat Eye still wasn't working, so I brought my Garmin. About 2 miles into the ride, I hit a bump and the whole Cat Eye went flying off my bike. I saw it bounce on the road and then disappear into the grass. Apparently I hadn't re-attached it correctly. I stopped my bike, went back, and wasted 10 minutes trying to find it in the grass. Eventually I did find it, re-attached it, and then started riding again. Bingo- it started working! Next time it doesn't work, I guess I just have to throw it onto the ground as hard as I can.

I thought I was golden from then on, but around the half-way point my shifting started getting funky. About a mile later it stopped shifting all together. Awesome. It was stuck in the hardest gear. I was 10 miles away from home, riding into wind, and riding mostly uphill. My already tired legs got one heck of a workout getting myself home.

Once I finally made it home, I brought the bike into the shop. They didn't think they could get to it immediately so I headed home. Just as I got home they called to say it was actually an easy fix and the bike was ready. I turned around headed back to Portland only to get to the shop and realize I didn't have my wallet. Back over the bridge I went again, got my wallet, and then headed back to the shop.

Putting my bike in the car the wind blew the door shut on my fingers.

Is this a sign that this is going to be a bad year for cycling?


  1. Ugh! What a pita! I can't even imagine the frustration of only having one gear. I shift A LOT. I think that is a sign the rest of the year can only get better! :)


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