10 Things You Need to Know Before Marrying a Runner-Girl

I am getting married in a little over 2 months (EEK!). Of course all relationships require a little adjusting, but I think being in a relationship with a runner requires a little extra adjustment. Runners are a special breed! Here are 10 things that anyone considering marrying a runner should know!

1. She will get very sweaty and very smelly. Don't comment on this (and no nose wrinkles either!). Give her a big hug when she finishes a race anyway. 

2. Her feet probably won't be pretty. They will be bloody, blistered, bruised, and callused. You are obligated to rub them anyway. 

3. She will have an insane number of shoes and continue to get more. Not only will she have the heels, wedges, flats, etc that every woman has, but she will also need trainers, trail shoes, racing flats, etc. Just plan to give her most of the shoe storage in the closet and don't look at her credit card bill. 

4. She will eat a lot. A LOT. Don't comment when she eats twice as much as you do. Just have a snack waiting for her when she gets home and be prepared to go get her ice cream at night when she is too tired to get off the couch.

5. She will be a little crazy on days when she doesn't get a run in. Just try to humor her.

6. She will probably spend a fair amount of time in compression socks. I know they aren't the sexiest thing ever, but they work. Even if she is that crazy girl in the airport wearing shorts, compression socks, and sandals you should still walk next to her and hold her hand.

7. She will probably wear some sort of fanny pack. Again, not the sexiest thing. But when you are out running for several hours, you need a way to haul your water, fuel, and phone.

8. She will sign up for a race and then whine and complain about having to get up too early to run, or having to run in the rain or extreme heat, or that she is too tired, etc. Don't point out that she did this to herself. 

9. She will try to plan your vacations around races. But hey, they have races in all kinds of fun places. Plus, after you spend a day supporting her at a race, she will have to do whatever you want the next day.

10. She will do strange stretches and other recovery tricks no matter where you are. It may be a little distracting if she is foam rolling like a fool while you are watching TV, or a little embarrassing if she is down-dogging in an airport, but it could be worse. 

Is your significant other a runner? Which of your running habits do they think is the weirdest?