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A Christmas Surprise

I've had a wonderful Christmas Eve and Christmas.

We spend Christmas Eve and Christmas morning at my Mom's on Southport Island. We enjoyed a lovely tromp through the woods and then feasted on crab dip and scallops fresh off the boat before heading to church for the candlelight service.

Christmas morning started with a furry little dog sniffing my face and begging for a tummy rub.

It was a beautiful morning, but even from my bed I could tell how cold it was outside because of the sea smoke on the water and the glistening ice everywhere.

After making coffee (priorities), we settled down to see what Santa brought. Santa brought me a new mooring ball for my boat! I bet none of you got a shiny new mooring ball!

And then I went for a chilly, but sunny, run. I love running on the island in the winter. I didn't see a single car and ran right smack in the middle of the road. 

But mostly, I spent my time staring and my hand and smiling because there is a very shiny new item on my finger. 

Tokyo Marathon Training Weeks 7-9

Week 7 Level 17

4 runs for a total of 25.32 miles in 3:57:30.
Longest Run: 1:40:00, 10 miles
Cross Training: 3:06 minutes of bootcamp, elliptical, and jump rope; 30 minutes of swimming, and 3 strenth workouts.
Felt: Pretty good. It was snowing wet, heavy snow during my long run and the roads were very slippery, so I headed to the Eastern Trail and the dirt path had much more traction.

Week 8 Level 18

4 runs for a total of 26.9 miles in 4:14:33 Longest Run: 2:15:20, 13.72 miles Cross Training: 4:05 minutes, 3 strength workouts Felt: This was my first long run that I really qualify as a "long run." I tried to push the pace the second half of the long run and really felt it. I had to serve a soup dinner and perform in a Christmas Concert that night, and got tasked with serving all the tables downstairs. My legs were toast after the long run, running up and down stairs, and standing for the concert. 
Week 9 Level 19
3 runs for 16.75 miles in 2:37:56 Longest Run: 1:20 minutes, 8.45 miles. Cro…

Decisions, Decisions

I am trying to make a big decision about my professional life and it has reminded me just how much I hate making big decisions.

I over-think everything and I totally let it turn me into a nervous wreck. I start to regret my decision even before I make it.

In the past I have started with making a pro and con list. At the very least this gives me something concrete to do and makes me feel like I am making some sort of progress towards making my decision.

Usually though, I just have some sort of gut feeling or sense of what is right for me and that ultimately makes my decision for me.

That magical decision making force is not coming to me this time though.

A part of me wants to stay with what is familiar and favor my personal life and relationships over my career. However, I also fear that this is just the voice of inertia. Change is scary. Am I just trying to avoid the unknown?

Another part of me wants a job that compels me again. I want to feel the spark again. I want to be out interacting w…

Does it Count?

So my bucking up was apparently short lived. I failed to do my long run outside this weekend.

Saturday I really didn't want to miss my boot camp class. Plus, it was about 2 degrees out, without the wind chill. I can make myself get out for a shorter, faster run in the cold. But the idea of being out there in that cold for 2-3 hours, is not appealing at all.

Sunday, I woke up to 12 inches of snow and it was still snowing heavily. It was also incredibly windy. Poor Dixie couldn't even get out the door to pee, no way was I going to be able to run. I did however manage to get my car out of the garage (thank God it is my week in the garage), up the hill on my unpaved road, and to the gym.

At the gym I faced 2 hours and 20 mins on the mill o' dread. I just couldn't bring myself to do it all on a single machine. So I did 30 mins on the stair stepper, followed by 1:20 on the treadmill, and then 30 minutes on the treadclimber. So I got all my time in, but I left feeling like I'…

Buck Up Buttercup

This morning I woke up and looked at the weather on my phone.

Then I looked outside and saw it had snowed again. Not a lot, but just enough to cover all the ice and make it extra dangerous on the sidewalks.

I almost went to the gym again. Tuesday when I woke up everything was covered in a layer of ice. It would have been dangerous to run outside. Even trying to scrape my windshield to drive to the gym I kept sliding away from my car. Yesterday, there was still some ice on the roads and I wanted to do speedword, so I hit the dreadmill again. 
But today I had a very stern conversation with myself. It went something like this. 
"It's cold." "You live in Maine. It's always cold in the winter." "It might be slippery." "The roads and shoulders are fine. Do you really want to run on the treadmill again?" "But...." (said in a very whiny voice) "Oh buck up buttercup. You ran a marathon in Antarctica. Just get the F out there."
I layered…

Volunteering for Boston

Look what I did yesterday........

I have always wanted to volunteer for Boston (since I will likely never be fast enough to run it), but I especially want to this year after last year's tragedy. I want to see this year's event be a huge triumph.

Want to join me? I set up a group so you want work the same station that I am. Just post a comment on this post and I will e-mail you the info to join my group.

Then, you can register on the BAA website.

Long Run Prep

I realized on Saturday morning that I may have a problem. I had all the stuff for my long run laid out a full 24 hours in advance. I had looked at the weather, knew the hourly forecast and picked all my clothing accordingly. I had my intervals programmed into my Garmin and my playlist on my i-pod. 

Is this normal? 
In one way it is great because it helps me have a relaxed morning pre-run and yet get out the door on time. On the other hand, it also gives me a lot of time to think about the run. To think about how long it is going to be. To think about how cold it is going to be. And then I start to dread it. 
During the week laying out my stuff the night before is essential because I don't have time to fuss with it and still get my run in before work. But, I can't tell if it is helping me or hurting me on the weekends.
Do you lay out your running stuff the night before? How long before your long run do you start thinking about it?


I love being right. I mean, who doesn't love right?

I've had this personal theory that rotating shoes is good for you. Different shoes put stress on different parts of the foot, so I figured this would help lower the likelihood of an overuse or stress injury. Turns out.... I was right!

I clicked onto Runner's World this morning and saw this headline.

Researchers in Luxembourg did a study using 264 runners over 22 weeks. 
-116 were single-shoe wearers; doing 91% of their mileage in the same shoe, and ran in an average of 1.3 pairs of shoes during the study.  -148 were classified as multiple-shoe wearers; runners in this group tended to have a main shoe, which they wore for an average of 58% of their mileage, but they rotated among an average of 3.6 pairs of shoes for their training during the study.
In the end they found that the multi-shoe wearers had a 39% lower risk of running injury than those who almost always ran in the same shoes.
Sweet! The scientists basically had the sam…

24 Days of Togetherness

My man is not a big fan of Christmas. I, on the other hand, love everything about it. So I am on a mission to convert him into a Christmas loving fool. Last year, I really wanted to do the 24 Days of Togetherness, but it was just a little too early on in our relationship. Now he's stuck with me though, so this year we are doing it!

What better way to enjoy the season than to do some special together everyday. We came up with 12 things together, and then each came up with 6 on our own, that will be a surprise to the other person.

We are on our 4th day and having a blast. Our very first one, the day after Thanksgiving, was the best. We had to take a funny Christmas photo. It was R's idea so I let him set up the scene.

He thought it was funny for me to wear a business suit, for him to wear little shorts, and for both of us to wear animal hats. Sometimes, I don't want to know what is happening in his mind.

Poor Dixie didn't know what was going on. At the end, I made him also t…

Tokyo Marathon Training Weeks 4-6

Time is flying by and it is time for another Tokyo training update. Plus I just ran a cold, snowy 10 miler and I am looking for any excuse to stay sitting on the couch with my coffee!

Week 4 Cut Back Week:The Level Up training plan that I am using recommends that you take a cut back week every 3 weeks, or 3 levels. So instead of progressing on to the next level, you take it easy for a week. The recommend that each of your runs is 50% of the run your completed in the last level. Instead, I am using them as both a physical break, and a mental break from following a plan. So, I will just be running whatever feels good during these weeks. This was a great week for a cut-back because I was in Nashville and ended up hurting my foot again.

4 runs for a total of 23.16 miles in 3:28:55Longest Run: 57:10 Cross Training Time: 3:59:00 + 2 strength workouts Felt: Injured. Working out barefoot on the elliptical and then running in brand new shoes without my orthotics was stupid. 
Week 5 Level 15

3 runs f…