Buck Up Buttercup

This morning I woke up and looked at the weather on my phone.

Then I looked outside and saw it had snowed again. Not a lot, but just enough to cover all the ice and make it extra dangerous on the sidewalks.

also, I do not know how I ended up with this cool animated picture.

I almost went to the gym again. Tuesday when I woke up everything was covered in a layer of ice. It would have been dangerous to run outside. Even trying to scrape my windshield to drive to the gym I kept sliding away from my car. Yesterday, there was still some ice on the roads and I wanted to do speedword, so I hit the dreadmill again. 

But today I had a very stern conversation with myself. It went something like this. 

"It's cold."
"You live in Maine. It's always cold in the winter."
"It might be slippery."
"The roads and shoulders are fine. Do you really want to run on the treadmill again?"
"But...." (said in a very whiny voice)
"Oh buck up buttercup. You ran a marathon in Antarctica. Just get the F out there."

I layered myself out and headed out. I did have to run kind of in the road, and it was cold, but I was still so glad I got outside. The sun on my poor vitamin D deprived skin felt great (the few inches of it that were exposed that is). Running outside just refreshes me in a way that the gym never does. And now I can huddle inside on a heating pad and drink tea all day as I work without guilt. 

How is the winter weather affecting your running? What does it take to make you head for the treadmill?


  1. Another friend of mine posted a pic with the snow and also didn't know how the animation got on there! I like it!

    I run outside all year long. I just can't take the treadmill. Apparently we had negative degrees last night. I will be super bundled up on my run today!


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