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A New Day in the Life

Were you tired of all my posts about how wonderful New Zealand was? Well luckily for you, and sadly for me, we are home and settled back into "normal" life. However, now that I am a full time nursing student, my "normal" life is pretty different than it was a year ago. So here is a little glimpse into one of my days last week.

7 am: Wake Up
My alarm is actually set for 7:15, but Dixie decides it is time to get up. She climbs onto my chest and sneezes on my face until I pat her. We play in bed for a few minutes and I check my phone (despite swearing in New Zealand that I was going to be less attached to my phone once I got home)

7:00-7:30 Get dressed for running, brush my teeth, let the dogs out, feed the dogs, foam roll.
It is nice to have a few more minutes in the morning, so this isn't so rushed.

7:30-8:30 Run
Why is it still so cold? It is the end of March! But, my legs feel pretty good for only being a couple weeks post marathon.

8:30-9:00 Shower and Breakf…

New Zealand: Bayley's Mountain to Surf Marathon

Okay friends, grab a snack and settle in, this is a long one!
Race morning started early, as I had asked to start with the walkers (because I wanted to beat the heat) and needed to be on the shuttle at 5:30. I got dressed while my wonderful hubby made me coffee and an English muffin with almond butter and honey. The cold I felt coming on earlier in the week never got worse, but it also never got better, so I had a bit of a sore throat and stuffy nose. However, I felt a million times better than last year in Tokyo! 
I got on the shuttle and was warmly greeted by the other runners. This definitely seemed to be a locals race, as everyone else knew each other and most of the people on my bus had done the race at least 15-20 times! It was nice to be doing a race in a country where there was no language barrier because I could chat with everyone. It seems that runners, no matter where they are from, are just nice people. 
The race was small, about 200 people with only about 40 starting at 6…

New Zealand: Christchurch

After we said good-bye to our trusty campervan, Gertie, we spent the last 2.5 days of our trip in Christchurch. 

Quite honestly we were both shocked when we first arrived in the city. We knew there had been a bad earthquake in 2011, but neither of us had realized quite how devastated the city was, or the extent to which the city is still rebuilding. The city center is really still just a giant hole, with only a few damaged buildings that have not been torn down yet still standing. 

There are some new buildings being built, but it still feels like walking through a war zone. At the very center is the crumbling Cathedral. 

The Anglican church decided that they couldn't afford the estimated $100+ million to repair it and so it was set to be demolished. However, citizens got an injunction to stop the demolition and now the damaged Cathedral stands waiting for it's fate to be determined.

 I really hope they can restore it. In the meantime, a controversial temporary Cathedral has been b…

New Zealand: March 15 and 16

Sunday March 15

On Sunday and Monday we made our way up the East coast of the North Island. Sunday morning we stopped in Dunendin, which as the name implies, felt quite Scottish. It also seemed to be a young vibrant city, with lots of young people eating brunch and getting coffee. We swung by Cadbury World (because I can't say no to anything chocolate) and then sat at a cafe for a bit.

On our way out of the city we took a detour to Port Chalmers to try to arrange a horse trek. Unfortunately, they were busy for the day with sheep shearing. But we did get to learn quite a bit about sheep shearing and the sport of hunting (for a hare on horseback) from the very talkative farmer. We made a quick stop at a cheese factory and after sampling about 15 types of cheese, ending up getting a hunk of sage cheddar.

We stopped for a picnic at Shag Point and then walked on the beach. At one point we were walking and I said to Rory, "Is it me, or is that rock moving?" It wasn't a rock…

New Zealand March 13-14

Friday March 13

What a difference a day and a few hundred kilometers can make. Yesterday we were hiking in shorts and tanks and sweating. Today we hiked in pants and jackets and still were chilly! I went for a beautiful run this morning around the lake before we left. There were dark clouds hanging over the mountains, but as the sun rose they starting glowing pink and gold.

It was also sprinkling a bit and soon a huge rainbow formed.

After a chilly plunge into the lake after my run, we headed south from Queenstown towards Invercargill. The first half of the drive was through the Southern Alps and then we emerged into flat prairie. We made a quick stop in Invercargill and then kept heading south as far as you can go to the little town of Bluff. This is where we needed to add a lot more layers. There is a vicious cold wind that reminds me of Antarctica, which makes sense because that is where this wind originates. We cheated a bit by driving to the top of Bluff Hill to admire the view …