A Sweet Ending

Growing up we rarely had a dessert. However, in college I got into the habit of eating dessert after most meals because it was there and free and tasty. It was an easy habit to get into, but boy has it been a tough one to break! I want something sweet immediately after every meal, and that often then leads to me having a second helping of something sweet, and sometimes even thirds.

Occasional sweets = OK
Multiple servings a day = Not OK

So when I had the chance to try MealEnders through FitApproach, I was curious.  MealEnders are low calorie, drug and stimulant-free lozenges designed to help you stop overeating.

The lozenge has 2 layers: a sweet, outer reward layer and a cooling/tingling inner core. The outer layer provides a measured dose of “dessert," usually associated with the end of a meal. The inner core engages the trigeminal nerve (the nerve that senses “taste” sensations in the mouth) with long-lasting cooling/tingling sensations to cue the end of eating and clear the palate. I had to keep reminding myself not to chew the inner layer!

I got to try all 4 flavors: Chocolate Mint, Cinnamon, Mocha, and Citrus. The citrus and cinnamon were okay, but since those aren't usually flavors I crave for dessert, they weren't as effective. However, the mocha and chocolate mint were really tasty and definitively satisfied my sweet cravings.

While these aren't the same as savoring a nice bowl of ice cream after dinner, the taste is good, they satisfy that desire for something sweet, and mostly, they keep my mouth and mind occupied during that window after a meal when I am most likely to overindulge.

Now it is your turn, want to win a 4 pack of MealEnders (one in each flavor)? Just leave a comment below! Let me know if your family ate dessert regularly while you were growing up and if you think that influenced you. Which flavor of MealEnders sounds best to you? I will choose a winner on 3/21.

**Disclaimer: I was given this product free of charge to review. However all opinions are always my own. I'd never lie to you guys**