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When Pigs Fly....

Some very strange things happened to me this weekend.

1. I was craving kale. Now I like vegetables, but never before have I craved them when driving down the highway. I even got out my phone to see if there was a Whole Foods near where I was. There was not :(

2. I stopped eating my fro-yo before it was gone because I realized it was making me feel not great. Never ever have I stopped eating a dish of ice cream before it was gone. And usually if I feel sick when eating ice cream it's because I've eaten a whole pint.

3. I said to myself, "well actually Southern California isn't so bad. I can see myself living here."

I had a great weekend here. Saturday I went to a kick-ass step class then to meet a friend in Studio City. We went for a hike in the canyons (we walked past the houses of  Alex Trebec and George Clooney!!), grabbed a quick lunch at the mall (where the food court had so many awesome healthy options), went to see How to Think Like a Man, and then got our nail…

Laguna Beach

After a week in the windowless hospital basement, I was desperate for some sunshine. I am in California after all. So this afternoon I headed to Laguna Beach. I was tempted to go Seal Beach, just to get the wild mushroom grits at Beachwood BBQ, but I wanted to take the chance to check out some place new.

Laguna Beach totally surprised me, it was great! I started with a walk along the cliff walk. There were all kinds of cool plants and things to look at along the path.

I liked this cool old gnarly tree. I event sat on it for a few minutes to take a phone call. 

Laguna Beach is famous for art festivals so there were also neat sculptures and art galleries everywhere. As I was standing by this whale sculpture I was looking at the ocean and saw a dolphin.

As nice as the cliff walk was, I was dying to get my feet in the sand. So I climbed back down to the shore and walked barefoot on the beach for a few miles. The water wasn't as cold as I was expecting. I loved watching the surfers and th…

Thankful Things Thursdays: SoCal Travel Edition

Since yesterday I was a complainer, today I am going to try to be thankful. And since yesterday I stole my title from Kim, today I'll steal my title from Ali. Thanks for the inspiration ladies!
Thankful Things Thursdays: SoCal Travel Edition1.  On this trip I'm accumulating a whole lot of frequent flier miles, and hotel and rental car points. I can use these later to go on vacation to some place super cool. I got my cousin and myself to Rome and our hotel for the whole trip all with points, so all my money was free to go towards pasta and gelato.

2. The hospital cafeteria has really good coffee, and with my employee discount it is only 72 cents. And people here wonder why I always have so much energy?

3. There are some very cool flowers that I get to walk by multiple times a day as I walk between my office and the hospital.

4. Even though it's small and not fantastically equipped, there is hardly ever anyone in the hotel gym. So I can watch ABC Family and do funny exercises …

First World Problems: Travel Edition

I am totally not feeling the travel this week. I'm back in So Cal for the first time in a few months. A part of me knows I'm being silly, but I can't quite shake it. They are what my new blogger pal Kim over at ilaxStudio First World Problems. I think they're pretty funny where she does them, so here is my first travel edition of First World Problems.

1. I paid 7.99 for inflight entertainment on my flight because there was a new episode of one of my favorite shows (I am not saying what show because it's horribly embarrassing). But the satellite connection was weak so the show kept cutting out. And they made an overhead announcement every 5 minutes, covering up the TV audio. I just wanted to be home on my couch watching my own TV.

2.   The gym right next my hotel is now closed. So I have to drive 15 minutes (WHY ARE THERE SO MANY STOPLIGHTS IN CALIFORNIA??) to get to a gym now. Also, I think their spin bikes are the first spin bikes ever made. My foot straps kept comi…

Food Centric


Prana and Pinot

My favorite yoga studio had a super fun event last night called Prana and Pinot. Yoga and wine are some of my favorite things, how could they not be good together.

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