A Run with Meb

Oh you know, I had a totally normal Sunday. I just went for a run with this guy. 

Yes, that is Meb. We are basically BFF's now. Just kidding. Even with him injured and running a super easy pace, I couldn't keep up. But he did high five me at the end of his run. 

Meb was in Maine for the weekend for the Beach to Beacon 10k, so this morning Maine Running Company organized a fun run and picture session. I almost didn't go because I had a super busy weekend and I wanted to go to my favorite boot-camp class before they close the gym for a week for renovations. I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to run with Meb though. So, already and sweaty and tired from bootcamp, I headed over to meet Meb. 

He was just amazing. I am sure he has been told the story of this year's Boston Marathon a million times by now, but he managed to make it sound so inspirational and meaningful that I felt he was telling it for the first time.I got goose-bumps. After racing hard yesterday, he was nursing slight hamstring and calf injuries and so he was going to pass on the run. But then as he saw us all getting ready to go run, he said he just couldn't help himself, and jumped into the pack. How cool is that? That's a guy who truly loves to run. 

We did 3 miles along the water, and as much as I wanted to run right with Meb, my tired legs just couldn't keep up. Still, it is probably the closest I'll ever come to running with an Olympian. Someone please tell me they got a picture of Meb high-fiving me at the end!

This was just one bright spot in a fabulous weekend. I also got spend a lot of time with friends (even though I had to say good-bye to one friend who is embarking on a great adventure), eat a lot of yuummy food, and hear some great music. It is summer and life is good!

How was your weekend?


  1. Amazing!! I love Meb - he's such an incredible inspiration!! Such a great experience!!

    ~ Lora @ Crazy Running Girl

  2. So nice meeting you today!!!! I started out...but my legs said no silly. Stay here. :) But I took a photo of you and Meb! :)

  3. What a great weekend! And so cool to meet Meb! He seems like such a great guy!


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