2nd Ride

I was so excited to go for my first outside bike ride of the year back in early March. I figured that I'd get a nice long riding season in if I started that early.

And then I didn't ride again until today! Almost a month and a half later! Whoops!

After having a mild winter, we had a cold, nasty spring. Then in the couple weeks since it finally warmed up, it has been insanely windy. I hate biking in the wind! It makes me so frustrated!

Even though it was windy today, I decided enough was enough and I was getting out there. What was the point in paying a lot of $$ to get my bike tuned up, if I am never going to ride it?

I'm so glad I did. It was windy, but it was also super sunny. It was so much nicer being out in the air than cooped up inside the gym.

I live in such an ugly place, I can't stand it.... 

How many times have you been out on your bike?