I have transitions on my mind this week.

This morning I ran what will hopefully be my last real "winter" run. It was a whopping 5 degrees, windy, and starting to snow. That has been all too common this winter. I hardly remember what it is like to run not wearing 5 layers of clothing. I feel like my shoulders are permanently hunched up around my ears from being cold all the time.  But the weather forecast in Tokyo for marathon day is 45 degrees and sunny. I'm planning to wear capris and a t-shirt. I can't wait to feel the air and sun on my skin.. I am hoping this trip will be my transition into spring. When we get back it will be March and hopefully warmer weather will start returning to Maine.

perfect for skiing. Not so perfect for running. 
This trip also marks a transition in my professional life. I am finishing my current job today and starting a new one when I return. On one hand, it will be amazing to leave for a trip with no work hanging over my head and not to return to thousands of accumulated e-mails. On the other hand, it is scary to be returning to something totally unknown. I am a worrier, I struggle with change. But I will do my absolute best to embrace this and see it as a period of freedom.

And that's all for now. I'm off to Japan bright and early tomorrow morning and I have SO much to do. I have no idea if I'll have consistent internet access, or time to blog, while I'm there. So this might be it for awhile. But, I'll be back in March with exciting stories to share!


  1. Congrats on the new job!!! Have a wonderful time in Japan!


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