Training Log Dilemma

Tuesday morning when I went to log my run on the Runner's World Log I have been using for years, I got an unpleasant surprise. Runner's World is discontinuing their classic log and switching to the new "Personal Trainer," which is part of their Training Peaks Program.

Major bummer. I really like the Classic Log. I like how it easily shows my monthly distances, stats for the year, and total stats (how crazy is it that I have spent 48 days of life running since I started the log 5 years ago!!)

So now I have a dilemma. Do I switch to the new Personal Trainer? I can import my data so I won't lose all that history and they do have a free version. I have been trying it this week and I am not thrilled. The screen is too busy. And I miss my overall stats!

How do you log your running? Any recommendations?