Anniversary Celebration

Last night the BF and I celebrated our 6 month anniversary. For some people 6 months may not seem like a huge deal, but for us it was a pretty big milestone so we decided to celebrate.

We are both a little short on money because of unexpected recent house expenses (we both own houses), so we decided just to go to a little local seafood restaurant. They have an awesome "happy hour." You can get 6 bacon wrapped scallops, a pound of steamers, and a huge thing of sweet potato fries for just $3 each. Even better it's BYOB, so we could enjoy a cheap-o bottle of bubbly (thank you Trader Joes). We finished off the meal with their special dessert. A deep fried Whoopie Pie.
heart clogging deliciousness on a plate.

Then we headed back to my house and built a roaring fire because it freezing out! Once the fire was blazing we moved onto presents. I made him a homemade no sew fleece blanket. I used a nice manly brown dog footprint pattern for top layer and a sweet pink heart pattern for the under layer, so he knows my heart is always with him when he is sleeping alone. I had made these for baby gifts before, but it sure took a lot longer to make one for a guy who is 6 foot 3. He totally surprised me with my present. I was expecting the standard jewelery, but he got me something much better- the new Asics tie-dyed tri shoes! I was admiring them months ago but said I felt bad spending so much just because I liked the color. He clearly knows me well. I am wearing them right now to break them in. 

So pretty!


  1. Those shoes are so cool!

    And that whoopie pie? Deep fried? YES, please!!!

    I love no-sew fleece blankets. A friend of mine was asking about them. I should send her the link.

    Happy 6 months!


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