The Eternal Quest

I recently saw a Fitfluential tweet linking to a post on a blog called Running Towards the Prize on Finding Running Shorts for Ladies with Bigger (and Stronger) Thighs.

I immediately took a look because that certainly describes me. I have always had big thighs. I was a gymnast growing up and I could never find pants that fit me. I had these hug thighs and a tiny waist. Switching over to running didn't help at all in the thigh size department. I have come to love my legs. They are strong and allow me to do amazing things. But they just don't work with most shorts.

I see all these women running in these cute little running shorts, and yet when I wear them I end up spending the whole run pulling the shorts down and end up all chafed.

I was hoping Megan had found the answer. Unfortunately, none of the shorts she reviewed actually worked for her. They all rode up. Fail.

I have found that it works best when I stick to compression shorts, especially those that come in longer lengths.

My favorite is the Under Armour 7" Compression Shorts. They are long enough to prevent chafing and stay put! Target also has a 7" inseam compression short that I like, and it comes in fun colors!

that is not me. my thighs are easily twice that size. Image Source

I also love running skirts, but find that many just have little briefs or mini shorts inside. They are cute, but those super short shorts just don't cut it. I found that Running Skirts Athletic Shorts line work well for me. They have a longer compression short that doesn't ride up. 

black athletic skirt
Again, not me. This is a model. Image Source
I have also tried some of the combination shorts that have compression shorts underneath and regular shorts on top, like these from Target. 

C9 by Champion® Women's Woven Short With Compression Short - Assorted Colors
I have found that they do ride up a little while running. They work for shorter runs for me and I really love them for the gym. I like that that the outer short provides a little more coverage and the compression shorts underneath are great for making sure everything stays covered during moves like burpees and bear crawls. 

Have you found a running short that stays put on larger legs? If so, please share! Or share your funniest story of shorts that didn't work for you. 


  1. So funny you are blogging about this cause I've been talking with friends about it and how I have to wear compression ones similar to you. I haven't tried UA! I get a Champion brand on Amazon ( I also had good luck with Xersion at JCP but they keep putting this ugly colored stripe on them that makes my thighs look even bigger, ha ha!


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