Wedding Madness

I just got home from a kickboxing class where I went balls to the walls this morning. I was throwing some serious power into my jabs and kicks. It was just what I needed to get out some wedding stress.

The wedding is now less than 3 weeks away. Through the whole wedding planning process I have been trying to remind myself to stay calm and enjoy the process. I mean, I am marrying the guy I love more than anything, so it should be fun right?

I have actually managed to do that for the most part, which I am proud of because given my type A personality, it is not easy for me to relax and let go of details.

Now that the wedding is so close though, I am letting it get to me big time. The thing is that the stress is not even originating with me. I am letting everyone else's stress and last minute suggestions get into my head.

"So many weeds. This yard will never been ready. I don't know how I'll ever get it done."

"Help, I didn't book my hotel room and now they are sold out. Where else can I stay? What is their phone number? Do they have a continental breakfast"

"Don't you think you need snacks for everyone later and night and things to make s'mores by the bonfire? And don't you think you need to offer more than 4 soda options?"

"I can't believe you are eating ice cream! Shouldn't you be hard core dieting to get super skinny?"


How did you manage the stress of your wedding? How did you manage to both ask people to help, but also keep them from taking over?