Love me some Lake

I've got this date looming on my summer calender. It's not my wedding, although that is rapidly approaching too, it's the Tri for a Cure. The race is now less than 3 weeks away and I was starting to worry about the fact I haven't done a single open water swim session.

I've been getting to the pool once a week, but I just haven't gotten myself in the ocean. The water here in Maine is still freezing! Not just a little chilly, but ouch this hurts and my feet ache cold. I went to the beach Friday, Saturday, and Sunday and brought my wetsuit just in case. But since it hurt just to stand up to the my ankles, I just convince myself to do a real swim.

The Maine ocean. So pretty, but so cold. 
Yesterday it was supposed to be 90 here so I decided to go see my future sister-in-law, who lives on a lake. As I packed up myself and the dog, it occurred to me that the lake was the perfect solution! I could get in an open water swim and not freeze to death!

It was Sushi's first time in fresh water and she was a big fan. She ran around like a maniac and I tried to eat everything, especially lily pads. She also drank about half the lake.

I was just as happy with the lake. The water was the perfect temperature- cool enough to be refreshing, but not cold at all. I felt great swimming- my breathing was regular, my stroke felt strong, and my wetsuit didn't bother me. It was so much better than open water swimming in the ocean! The water wasn't so cold that it took my breath away and it wasn't all nasty and salty when I got it in my mouth. And I didn't mind looking down and seeing all the grass and weeds and stuff nearly as much as I thought I would. 

It's basically impossible to look good in a wetsuit and swim cap
Now I really want to find a tri with a lake swim this summer. Mainers do you know of any?

Do you like ocean swims or lake swims better? Have any of you northern climate people gotten in the ocean yet?

Please consider supporting me in the Tri for a Cure to benefit the Maine Cancer Foundation. Cancer has personally touched so many of us, it is time for a cure!