Weekend Eats

It is finally summer in Maine, which means there are lots of fun festivals going on. As is my habit, I gravitated the food centric ones.

Strawberry Festival

Strawberry shortcake or strawberry sundae? My life is full of hard decisions.
I went with the shortcake and then still proceeded to eat at least as many strawberries as I picked. Good thing they don't weigh you on the way out!

The Greek Festival

This where I pretend I am part of a huge Greek family and feast on delicious Greek food made by adorable Greek Grandma's. I love me some spanikopita.

Even more, I love me some dessert. They have these amazing little fried donut things topped with honey nut butter.

We may have gotten a second order.....
And also gotten a box of assorted pastries to take home.........

So Sunday started with nice brick workout- bike 6 miles, run 4, and bike 9. 

Hey, life is all about balance. 

What delicious things did you eat this weekend??