So last week I wrote a post about how much it annoys me when male bikers fly by me without saying a word. They get way too close to me and then act as if I don't exist! Well, this weekend I saw karma in action. There is this one particular group of guys that rides around me that is the worst. They ride in this huge pack and take up the whole road. Drivers and other cyclists alike hate them.

*not the actual group of guys, just a random internet pic*

On Saturday they swarmed around me just as I was getting ready to take a left. Not only could I not take my left, but they ran me right into this giant hole full of rocks! I didn't get a single sorry. I just got off my bike and waited for them to pass. Later in my ride I saw an ambulance pass, then a few minutes later another one passed, and then another one. As I neared the tip of Black Point, there was a road block and I was told there was a big bike pile up. Yep- the poor riding etiquette caught up to them and they crashed.

I hoped no one was seriously hurt of course, but I also couldn't help but feel a little vindicated.

On my way home, a group of women passed me. Every single one of them said something nice to me as they went by.

Do you notice a different between men and women when it comes to sportsmanship? Do you think women are more encouraging? What lapse of etiquette bothers you the most?