What do you wear under there?

I've been running for more than 10 years and I still haven't figured out the underwear question. Namely, should I wear it or not?

I've gone back and forth. I'll wear it for awhile and then not wear it for a bit. Honestly neither one is ideal.
With it, I am constantly tugging it back into place, worried about panty lines, and chafing on long runs. Without it, my shorts/tights seem to develop a perma-stink, I worry about accidental over-exposure, and I still chafe.

I was hoping that maybe I'd finally found the perfect solution with some running specific underwear. I'd never gotten a pair before because I just couldn't bring myself to pay $15 for a single pair. But, Olympia Sports sent me a $10 certificate for my birthday so I splurged on a pair of Under Armour Pure Stretch Cheeky briefs.

I was a little worried because they come in a single size. The box claimed that the seamless was stretchy enough to adapt to all "athletic" sizes. 

It did......kind of. They seemed slightly too wide in the front and not quite wide enough in the back. They also rode a little too low in the back my my liking. I don't so much go for the plumber look if you know what I mean. 

I tested them on a 9 miler under a pair of compression shorts. I can't say that they really performed any better than my non running underwear does. They still rode up occasionally so I had to do the stop-light wedgie pick and they still chafed slightly. 

So now I'm back at square one. To wear or not to wear, that is the question?

Do you wear underwear running or to workout? Have you found the perfect brand (if so please share)