First World Problems Friday

I went for a long run this morning and started feeling pretty sorry for myself because it felt so darn hard! Why does it take so long to get into marathon shape and then what feels like just days to lose that fitness? But after a mile or so, I told myself to snap out of it. I didn't want to spend an hour and half with the Negative Nellie version of myself. So instead, I decided to mock myself to point out just how awesome my life really is.

First World Problems of the Week:

I am so sore from personal training yesterday that I can't bend down to pet my puppy #firstworldproblem

I have 2 pairs of my beloved Asics Gel Cumulus 15's that I got on clearance sitting in my closet taunting me. But I can't wear them until I wear out the New Balance 760's I am currently running in (which I don't like). #firstworldproblem

I can't decide what I want to buy myself for my 30th Birthday in a couple weeks: a new Garmin because mine is dying, or a Fitbit Flex. #firstworldproblem 

For so many months during the freezing winter I just wanted it to be summer. Now it is and I remember how much I hate the humidity and want it to be fall already. #firstworldproblem

I got into the Tri for a Cure for the 4th year in a row (everyone wants to do it so they have a lottery system), and now I am complaining about having to fund-raise $350 for the Maine Cancer Foundation by the end of July. (If you'd like to help me in supporting this amazing cause, you can pledge me here. #firstworldproblem

What are your #firstworldproblems this week?


  1. Why don't you wear the Asics and the New Balances? Do you not rotate your shoes? Or do you just know once you get the Asics out, that is all you will wear?

    Congrats on getting in the tri!

    Get the Garmin ;)

    Surprisingly, no FWP for me this week. :)


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