Bachelorette and Birthday Weekend

This weekend I celebrated both my upcoming wedding and my birthday. My wonderful, wonderful friends
planed an amazing weekend full of things I totally loved. 

Saturday I got in a car knowing only that we were heading to Boston. I was pretty curious, since I'd been told to wear yoga clothes for our first activity, which is not typical bachelorette attire. We stopped briefly to check into our hotel and for my friends to deck me out.

I soon learned why I was in comfy clothes- we were taking a private belly dancing class. It was a blast and we did a lot of laughing at ourselves, but I was also surprised at how much work it was. My obliques and my arms were burning!

Post belly dancing we headed back to the hotel to get prettied up, and have a few drinks too of course.

Dinner was at Lolita. At this point I had totally embraced the idea of letting other people make all the plans, and just ate and drank whatever people put in front of me. It was a good strategy- strawberry sangria, shrimp queso, and a trio of different guacs, it was all great. We ended the meal with shots and a pop-rock cotton candy!

My friends know me well enough to know that a little cotton candy isn't enough to satisfy my sweet tooth, so the next stop was Max Brenner. That place is basically my heaven on earth. It seems like chocolate wonderfulness as soon as you walk in the door. I was so busy shoving delicious chocolate things into my mouth and didn't take a single picture. 

Riding our sugar high, we headed to Liquor Store, which is a club. I was definitely feeling my age inside, because I felt like everyone else in there was 21! But, I had a blast dancing with my friends and we even gave the mechanical bull a ride. It's nice to know I still have a good party night in me, even at 30 and almost married!

We had an after party in our hotel before we finally passed out, way past my normal bed time. It was great to catch up with my friends and I felt so celebrated and special. Thanks Friends!

And tomorrow I will be back to exercise and eating foods that are not chocolate or fried. 


  1. Aww! What a fun night! I love that it was your bach and birthday thrown in to one! And how cool that you got to try belly dancing!


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