Today is National Running Day which means that everyone else is blogging about running today. I am not. This blog is "mainely" running, which means that really I can post about anything I want. And my mind is just not on running today.

I am too busy with this little pup.

Meet Sushi, our new puppy. What, you didn't know we were looking for a puppy? Well, neither did we! As an avid dog lover, the fiance looks at a bunch of dog rescue sites every day just because he likes looking at cute dogs. He saw this little cutie and sent in an application in on an whim. We got a call yesterday that she was all set for us to come look at. Once we met her, we couldn't say no. I mean look at that adorable under-bite. Plus, she is sweet, fairly calm, and interacted well with our dog Dixie. 

What did we do?! As we are learning, a puppy is a lot of work!! Good thing she's so cute. 

Because of her build (she is some sort of basset hound, terrier, and maybe golden retriever), I don't think she'll ever be my running buddy. However, I've already discovered that she loves licking the sweat off my face when I get home. So maybe I'll save money on face wipes? 

Have you ever gotten a pet on a whim? Do you have any good puppy training tips to share??


  1. I am just marking all the Nat'l Running Day posts as read, so thanks for posting something different!

    Congrats on your new pup! I am happy she gets along with Dexie! We kind of got our cat on a whim!


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