A Week of Workouts

Here's what happened in my little world of work-outs last week. 

Monday: 1 hour cross training (15 minutes stair stepper and 45 minute kickboxing class). 20 minutes upper-body strength. 

Tuesday: 1 hour run for 6.5 miles. It was 70 and sunny and I am not acclimated to the heat yet, so I was struggling. 

Wednesday: 15 minutes of speed work on treadmill for 1.75 miles, 20 minutes of intervals on spin bike for 6.5 miles, and 20 minutes on stair-stepper. It was pouring rain, so I scrapped my bike ride and improvised at the gym. I also went to a yoga class at night. 

Thursday: 1 hour of personal training and 30 minutes on the elliptical. My trainer is going away for 2 weeks so she decided to kill me before she goes. I was so so tired and sore immediately after this work-out, that I couldn't even manage an easy run so I hopped on the elliptical instead. 

Friday: 1 hour and 33 minute run for 9.4 miles. Not sure why I picked the hilliest route for a humid day when I was incredibly sore, but I chugged through. 

Saturday: 1 hour and 23 minutes bike for 20.3 miles. Such a beautiful morning I decided to skip metabolic conditioning at the gym and head out on the bike instead. 

Sunday: 30 minutes run for 3.2 miles and 45 minutes metabolic conditioning. Cranked out a track session (4 x 400 and 4 x 200) before heading to the gym. A week of heavy workouts had caught up with me and my legs felt heavy!

Plus, many hours of puppy chasing and walking. This little dog is keeping me on my toes!

What was your favorite workout last week?


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