About that fall marathon

Last week I ran 33.89 miles. (And if I had know it was .89 I totally would have done an extra .11 to make it 34). With training like that I could totally be ready for the Auckland Marathon in the fall.

Except the week before I only ran 13.44 miles. But, the week before that I ran 26.8! But, the week before that I only ran 19.5. 

This, my friends, is why I've never done a fall marathon. I have such a hard time being consistent in the summer between the heat and all the fun summer activities. I'd so much rather go do a long run when it is 20 than when it is 80. In fact when it's 80, I'd prefer to skip running altogether and head out in my kayak. 

I know that in order to complete my goal of running a marathon on all 7 continents, that I will probably have to run a fall marathon at some point. I just wish I knew if this was the year. Maybe if I knew for sure, I'd be able to suck it up and train consistently. Unfortunately, there are just too many variables (money, work schedules, a new puppy, etc), that we just don't know if when and if we will be able to do New Zealand.

How is your training going this summer? 


  1. Summer months are usually my lowest mileage months too! (Yet I still end up doing a fall marathon, each year, some how, lol)


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