Showered With Love

What an absolutely amazing weekend I just had. It was full of everything I love most- the ocean, friends, family, food, and music.

The fun started Friday. My best friend (and Maid of Honor), Breezy, and I headed up to Cape Newagen around noon. We wanted to get there in plenty of time to get in a boat trip and to start party preparation for my bridal shower on Saturday.

Saturday morning I went for a nice run by myself and then we started the festivities with a yoga class taught by me. It was a beautiful morning to be practicing yoga by the sea. It was also the perfect way to slow down, let go of any lingering worries from the week, and enjoy the present moment. I left the class full of gratitude. 

Then it was time to party. My friends and family did such a good job decorating our boathouse. It was full of my favorite colors, favorite foods, and favorite flowers. 

The shower was exactly what I wanted- low key and fun! We played a few games, drank a lot of mimosas, ate a lot of delicious food, and played in the ocean. 

Overall I just felt so showered with love and support. My friends and family are the best!

Luckily, the fun didn't end with the shower. Later that evening we headed to Freeport for a free Josh Ritter concert at L.L. Bean. Is there anything better than a free concert on a summer night? 

What was the best part of your weekend?


  1. Yay! What a fun day! The decorations look so pretty! :)

    Best part of my weekend... hmm, I think having a friend hang out with my family and having them both like each other so much :)


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