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With my injured foot, I have been spending a lot of time on my bike lately. I don't listen to music when I ride, so I have had a lot of time to think. The thought that I live in an incredibly beautiful place occurs to me all the time. As does the fact that I wish I could share it with more people. While, you can't all come in Maine and ride with me (although if you want to, I'd love it). I can post a virtual version of my ride. So here it is, my favorite ride.

This ride is anywhere from 25-30 miles, with rolling hills and lots of amazing ocean views.

Miles 4.5-7. I love this section because it in a gentle downhill with lovely marsh views. It is amazing how different the marsh looks in different tides and different seasons. Seeing a heron or 2 makes for an extra good day.

Miles 7-11. This little out and back to Black Point is my favorite part of the ride. It is flat, has hardly any traffic, and amazing views.

Miles 13-14

I always do the extra little loop out by Higgins Beach. The view is amazing, I love watching the surfers (they are there even in the winter!), and last year the town installed a great little building with public bathrooms. Yeah for a real toilet mid ride. 

Miles 13-17

This stretch has more great marsh views and I can daydream about someday living in one of the beautiful houses on the water. I love this mailbox.

Mile 17.5

Another great view at Kettle Cove, especially at sunrise or sunset. If it is really hot, I can jump in for a swim here.

Miles 21-14 

Shore Road starts with a long downhill, and then twists and rolls the rest of the way. I am always tempted to take advantage of my momentum and bypass Fort Williams, but Portland Head Light never fails to take my breath away when I do stop.


Mile 24.5 
No ride is complete without a stop for a treat and Scratch Bakery has the best treats. Strong coffee, a sea salt bagel, and fresh herb cream cheese is just what I need to refuel.

So there it is, my favorite ride. Pretty nice huh? I'd love to see your favorite ride or run!


  1. Yes! That is very nice! I want to do that ride. Especially the stop at the bakery :)


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