Bring Back The Cotton

As I searched through my closet last night for a shirt to sleep in, I came to a terrible realization. I am almost out of old cotton race shirts!

When I first started running pretty much every race gave out cotton shirts. They were soft and perfect for bumming around the house and sleeping. I wore them until they were so stained and holey that I had to turn them into rags.

However they weren't so great for running, so pretty much everyone started switching over to technical fabrics. Yeah they look nicer and are better for running, but they just don't have the same comfort factor. Cotton gets softer and better with age. Technical fabric just gets stinkier.

Also, the sizes are so much less forgiving. I don't mind sleeping in a shirt that is way too big, but I don't want to run in a shirt that goes to my knees.

Can we start an old school movement to go back to cotton? We don't however need to go back to short shorts and sweat bands.

Are you team cotton or team technical?